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    Police seized huge guns of Rakhine thugs in Arakan

    Mayu Press:
    March 24, 2013 

    By Mohamed Farooq 

    The Burmese Police
    got various hand-made weapons of Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) in two different
    townships of Arakan;   Kyauk Taw and
    Buthidaung on last few days back with the exact information of Rakhine old

    On 12th March 2013, a
    police patrol team found out 18 guns in the forest near Nyung Kron village
    under Let Way Dak village tract of Buthidaung Township.  The other Police personnel grabbed 28
    hand-made guns in a valley near Pri long mountain range situated between Myauk
    Taung and Malar village on 14 March 2013 in Kyauk Taw Township where violence
    had occurred and slaughtered many Rohingya Muslims. Simultaneously, they had
    got 29 guns more in the jungle of Alar Taung Mountain, five miles away from Nga
    Saung Bek village in Kyauk Taw.

    Moreover, some
    Rakhine habitants mostly from rural areas in Arakan  have to handover  726 hand-made guns, 130 swords, 506 javelins,
    112 cross bows, 611 arrows, 1408 arrows used to slingshot and 398 slingshots to
    the Police after an official order.

    Some politicians and
    educated persons assumed that the Rakhine terrorist Arakan Liberation Party
    (ALP) forces covered up so many automatic guns and hand-made guns near the
    rural areas of different towns of Arakan to shoot Rohingya

    There is more than
    three lakh forces of Arakan Liberation Party (Rakhine terrorist party) live in
    India, Bangladesh Hill Tract (i.e. Bandarban, Ragamati, Kakachori and Cox’s
    Bazar) and Arakan. They are well trained up by the Shan anti-government arm
    force. Their prime objective is rooting out all Rohingya Minority Muslims from
    Arakan then establishing Arakan state to Rakhine Nation including Bangladesh
    Hill Tract. Rakhine Nation will have to separate from the Burma too.

    Arakan Liberation
    Party (ALP) is led by Dr. Aye Chan and Dr. Aye Maung, acting Parliament member
    from Rakhine National Development Party. More than 30 years back, the Rakhine
    Business magnets have to finance ALP group by exporting illegal Yaba Tablets
    and tax free teak woods to Teknaf Jetty, Bangladesh. Every rich Rakhine person
    fund to ALP grows up sooner. ALP collected many automatic modern arms from
    Thailand, India and Bangladesh illegal way. They supply hand-made guns to every
    Rakhine village of Arakan to brutal attack of Rohingya.

    The Rakhine
    terrorists plan again to rise up open Rohingya genocide after their Water
    Festival. The Burmese Government regime got the correct news of Rakhine next
    agenda but the government progress no action against them. So, open genocide of
    Rohinguya will be state sponsor genocide like past.