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    Police grabbed a Rohingya and wrested money in Southern Buthidaung

    Mayu Press 
    March 11th, 2013
    Mohamed Farooq
    On 9th March 2013 at about 5:00 pm, a
    group of police personnel having police officer U Kyaw Zay Ya from Nyaung
    Chaung Police station, Southern Buthidaung walked towards Porun Chaung village.
    The Burmese Authority officially announced Rohingya not to worship any prayer
    at Mosque. All Mosques have been locked up since last June conflict 2012 and
    imposed curfew not to move out from the home after 6pm.
    Mohammed Yunus son of Mohammad Hasan
    from Porun Chaung was going to the shop to get some candles for lighting home
    at night. Unfortunately he met the patrolling police on the way of opposite
    direction; they caught him and brutally beaten with being no legal crime. They
    kept him in police custody and tortured severely.
     His family members contact the
    police via village administrator .The police officer demanded two lakh Kyat
    (200,000 Kyat) to get free.  His family managed one lakh Kyat (100,000
    Kyat) and Village administrator guaranteed for the rest money that must pay
    within one month. If there is any fail to do, he will be arrested again.
     Mohammed Yunus is really a poor
    man and only earning person of the whole family informed by one of his
    relatives on phone. The remained amount will make him flee obviously or have to
    go jail with falsifying of police department. This is also a tactic applied to
    root out the Rohingya from soil of Arakan.