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    Misery life of Rohingya in Rathidaung, Arakan

    18th, 2013

    Mohamed Farooq

    This is Rathidaung, one of the seventeen townships
    in Arakan state, Burma. There are five Rohingya villages in Rathidaung
    Township; Soe Pyan (Pan Gaing), Kuduk Chaung (Koun Dan), Sera Pyan (Kraru Koun
    Dan), Pran Haung (Praung Chaung) and Anauk Pyan.
    On 12th June 2012, Rakhines and
    Military attacked Kuduk Chaung village, killed two women, looted all the
    valuable properties; golden ornaments and money, burnt down the entire village
    having forty-nine houses including one Mosque and driven out all the villagers
    to Chin Kali Rohingya village. Now they are staying in others houses and no
    assistance was available since the riot. They have to wrest money to Inn Din
    and Kyawk Pan Du Border Security Force (Nasaka) camps when they come across to
    appeal for donation from the other places.
    Rakhine, Police and Nasaka assaulted
    Soe Pyan had 297 Rohingya houses on 13 June 2012. During the attack, a woman
    and two children were killed. After robbery all properties, they torched up
    into ashes the complete village including two Mosques and one Madarasa
    (Religious Arabic College). They were temporarily staying in Kodan Kauk
    Rohingya village. They were also not receiving any support from INGOs and
    government. They also had to pay money to Inn Din and Kyawk Pan Du Nasaka camps
    who willing to support the displaced Rohingya.
    On 21st June 2012, Rakhine, Police
    and Military attacked to Paran Chaung Rohingya village of 145 houses. They
    killed one woman, looted all the valuable things consist of gold, money,
    clothes and rice, torched up the whole village including one Mosque and got
    away all the villagers to Chin Kali Rohingya village. Now they are staying in
    other people’s houses and no helps received since the violence. The persons
    were going to donate food and other household items need to squeeze money to
    Inn Din and Kyawk Pan Du Nasaka camps.
    Rakhine and army assaulted and
    tortured severely to Sera Pyan having 230 Rohingya houses on 19 June 2012. One
    man and two women were killed. They looted all the precious things like gold
    and money, they were forcibly driven out all villagers to Kodan Kauk village
    and now they are staying in a Mango farm of Mullah Abul Hashim. No ration and
    food were provided to them. After driving out away, the Rakhine and local
    police looted all the household materials and burnt down into ashes the full
    village including one Mosque and one big Madarasa (Religious Arabic
    On 19th June 2012, Rakhine and Police resumed
    attacking to Anauk Pyan village of 280 family houses. Sixty Rohingya (men and
    women) were brutally killed by shooting and cutting with long swords and
    sharpen knife. Two days later, 183 Rohingya men were arrested and took Sittway
    central Jail where inhumanly treating, according to report of eye witness. More
    than fifty houses were burnt down including one big Mosque. The racist Rakhine
    and security forces looted all the properties. The victims were sheltering in
    other parts of the village which was remained being not destroyed.
    Since the excited conflict of Rakhine
    terrorists jointly with Burmese government, no aid provided and also no
    permission to work for those displaced Rohingya people. So, all the Rohingya
    victims from Rathidaung Township are hardly living in other villages where no
    adequate food and medical centres for them. They need to give money to Inn Din
    and Kyawk Pan Du Nasaka camps when someone comes across to beg for donation
    from outside.