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    International community must move to stop Rohingya genocide: Kamel Wazne

    March 26, 2013 

    political analyst tells Press TV that we must raise our voice to the UN, to the
    US, to every free conscious around the world to stop this madness and this
    genocide against the Muslim people in Myanmar.
    comments came after extremist Buddhists attacked dozens of houses and mosques
    in the central town of Meiktila. At least 40 people were killed and 12,000
    people were displaced during three days of violence in the town. Hundreds of
    Rohingyas are believed to have been killed and thousands of others displaced in
    attacks by Buddhist extremists.
    TV has conducted an interview with Kamel Wazne, political analyst, to further
    discuss the issue. What follows is an approximate transcription of the
    TV: We are having this situation still ongoing even though this has been months
    that one of the most persecuted communities mainly the Rohingyas have been
    targeted inside Myanmar.
    isn’t the government reacting more and of course why isn’t the UN even though
    they have come out with statements been more proactive holding the government
    Well obviously this is the silence of the international community about what is
    taking place in Myanmar.
    is statements from the UN acknowledging what is happening, condemning what is
    happening but short of taking action about what is happening. And now it is the
    responsibility for the UN body to carry sanction against this country.
    violated all international norm or international treaties when it comes to
    human dignity and liberty. Here we have a genocide in progress and Mr. Ban
    Ki-moon is busy somewhere else engineering a war in the Middle East.
    here the United States which actually gave the blessing and was the first visit
    for Mr. Obama when he was elected to Myanmar to this country that is actually
    engaged in genocide and holocaust against the Muslims and killing all those
    innocent people and destroying mosques and the livelihood of the Myanmari.
    now we have to be raising our voice to the UN, to the US, to an every free
    conscious around the world to stop this madness and this genocide against the
    Muslim people in Myanmar.
    TV: And what is more alarming, and quickly if you can answer this Kamel Wazne,
    is the fact that this is being sided by different news outlets, if it even get
    sided, that this is some kind of ethnic clashes that is going on, giving it
    some kind of sectarian tone to it, but it is not, it is Buddhist monks who are attacking
    these Muslims and of course the Rohingyas being part of that.
    it’s been given that kind of pretrial that is sectarian in nature?
    Well I think somebody wanted to hide this crime and these criminals and I think
    there is responsibility on the Buddhist to carry also their responsibility and
    stop this madness and this genocide against the Muslims.
    it is the responsibility for the United States. I put the responsibility and
    the blame squarely on President Obama who visited that country and embraced
    their leaders, knowingly this country engaged in genocide.
    should not be tolerated, should not be allowed and action should be taken
    promptly to stop this genocide against innocent people.