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Gold shops of Muslims are completely destroyed by Buddhist extremists in Meiktilar

Mayu Press: 

By Ibrahim Shah
It is informed from a reliable source that in  Matella,  Shops of Muslim  from eastern  shed of
jewellery are destroyed   by
Buddhist crowd  and  they
are motivating with great attempts
congregationally to initiate religious collision.
It is learnt that the cause of  initiation riot is  due to dispute between  the
gold seller and buyer .
Details of initiation riot: a Buddhist  girl came to Muslim gold shop and disputed
with the niece of the shop owner
because  that Buddhist girl tended
to sell imitation gold and later returned home, and that girl again
disputed  coming with villagers then
fixed their matter simply. After a few while,
the villagers of that girl destroyed the gold shop  and also another shops of belonged to
Muslim  and right now local  police, traffic police and fireman divided
the crowd of Buddhist families.
 Apparently, it
is terrible that the Buddhist racist of Buddhsim  led by devilish Buddhism  mentor Virathu from central myanamr, Mandalay
division,  accompanying with  some of NLD members would instigate
Islamphobia surrounding the whole state reasoning  this riot.
It is to be focused with great care to stop from
spreading   further continuation of such
terrible and dangerous collision because
the dominant group which  is the
current ruling  majority Myanmarese  tended chauvinistically to convert  the ethnic minority races into Buddhsim by
any means.
In fact, the more affected group will be the Muslims
because the regime itself participated to become more and more such anti-Muslim
demonstrations  which would lead
riot,then collision, and finally genocide. Such real incident was happened in
western part of Myanmar, Rakhine state on 8th june 2012.  
Initiation from the mob attack to ten muslim religious
travelers , the regime of president thein Sein collaboration with RNDP created
deliberately Rohingya genocide and  since
then until today perpetually genocide taking place but it is incomplete to
eliminate the destructions. They are
thousands of Rohingya  are
killed,displaced,missed,detained and finally threatens to flee desperately into
uncertain destinations like  beach-less
Rohingya pass their daily lives through many
decades   but the regime itself
preferring chauvinism denied to return the deprived Rohingya citizenship