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Deadly attacks erupt to Muslims in Burma

By Mohamed Farooq
Mayu Press: 

A team of Buddhist extremists destroyed a Mosque, Muslim houses and shops in Oaak Tha Kone Town of Pago Division at mid-night on 24 March 2013.

One day back, the racist had broken all the windows of Mosque with stones. They had also destroyed teashops, departmental shops, five houses and one Bakery, all were belong to Muslims. The Polices were unable to handle the brutal assaults but the situation was calm down by the Military personnel.
In Yay Kyaw village, the Buddhist racists vandalized an Islamic religious school (Madarasa).
The Buddhist terrorists attempted to burn down Mine Tauk village Mosque in Innlay lake region in Shan State. On the early morning of 24 March 2013, security forces alerted Muslims and Buddhists villagers not to interest any kind of religious unrest. In the mean time, the Buddhist terrorists torched up the ancient Mosque to the roof. It was the first   Mosque in Shan State built by Turkish Muslims 260 years ago.
The rioters were Buddhist culprits from central Myanmar who were working in a construction of residential hotel buildings; it takes little miles from Mine Tauk.