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    Crossing mud to save live

    March 12, 2013
    By Maria Uffa Zulkafeli

    JERLUN: 184 Myanmar citizens from Rohingya
    ethnicity forced to sustain their live for nearly four hours crossing mud area
    after everybody jumped from the wooden boat approximately one kilometre from
    the beach of Kuala Jerlun, here, this morning.

    Head of Public Peace and Traficc, District Kubang
    Pasu, Assistant Supritendant Zakaria Shahadan said, Police received information
    at around 8am and when they reached the area, they saw a group of foreigner
    crossing the muddy area to save their lives.

    All foreigners without permission (PATI) was
    brought to safety and being detained for further investigation.

    According to the initial investigation, it was
    found that they were the Muslim Rohingya entering Malaysian shore using a boat

    We all believe all PATI involved entered this
    country to save their lives from the ethnic conflicts in their country.

    we detained them, they were just departing the wooden boat, yet to cross the
    muddy area around one kilometre during the low tide, at that moment. All Pati
    including children who crossed the mud were assisted by the RELA, Immigration
    Department and kampung folk on the seashore. He replied.

    case is now under the State Immigration Department for further action.

    per now, all PATI consist of 69 men, 47 women and 68 children which yet to be
    identified their ages.