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    Communal in Violence in Burma Leaves 10 Dead; Mosque Burned

    VOA News:
    March 21, 2013

    Authorities in
    central Burma have imposed a curfew following sectarian unrest that left at
    least 10 people dead and two Muslim religious buildings destroyed.

    The clashes broke out
    Wednesday following an argument between a customer and the Muslim owner of a
    gold shop in the main bazaar in the Mandalay city of Meikhtila.

    The dispute turned
    violent when hundreds of Buddhists and Muslims descended upon the shop. Police
    say several buildings, including a mosque and an Islamic school, were burned.  

    Officials say a
    Buddhist monk was among at least 10 people killed. Over 20 others were injured.
    The situation was reported to have been brought under control after police
    imposed a curfew at nightfall, but police say violence broke out again on

    The U.S. ambassador
    to Burma, Derek Mitchell, said in a brief statement he is “deeply
    concerned” about the violence and extends his “deepest
    condolences” to those affected.

    The unrest highlights
    the tensions between Burma’s majority Buddhists and minority Muslims.

    last year in Rakhine State killed about 200 people and left more than 100,000
    others homeless, mainly ethnic Rohingya Muslims.

    During the Rakhine
    unrest, several rights groups accused Burmese security forces of failing to
    protect both Buddhists and Muslims. Human Rights Watch says security forces
    then “unleashed a campaign of violence and mass roundups against the

    Since then, rights
    groups say anti-Muslim leaflets have been distributed at some monasteries in
    several areas of the country, with many warning of additional violence against

    The United Nations
    says the Rohingya people are among the world’s most persecuted minority groups.
    They are denied citizenship and many other basic rights in Burma, where they
    are regarded as illegal immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh.