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    In Each And Every Single City Of Arakan (Burma), Nasaka(Border Guards), Riot Police And Rakhine Extremists Are Continuously Threatening Rohingya Inhumanely.Photo 2012

    By Mohamed Farooq

    Since June 2012, the vulnerable ethnic minority Muslims are being killed with state sponsor religious unrest in front of security personnel who did no protection. State sponsored, well trained militia group are plotting communal clashes to eradicate Muslims from the soil of Burma.

    This is out of expectation to the mission of newly formed 969 Buddhist Monks campaign led by Monk Wirathu would be over soon and Muslims to be live in peace and harmony like before. Their objective is to root out Muslim minority from Burma. The words “riot and violence” are used by all media being reported the Rakhine and Meiktila cases. From my view point, the word “riot and violence” referred when both sides fight each other. This is different here as only Buddhist racists attack Muslims minority in Burma. The terrorists are progressing deadly attack to Muslim with police guards as security forces do not try to stop mobs. Who is behind anti-Muslim 969 terrorisms?

    Burma’s reformist government on Monday called for an end to ‘terrorist acts and religious extremism’ following a new eruption of communal violence in the former military-ruled nation.

    At least hundred people have been killed and more than 20,000 displaced, Mosques and religious schools burnt down, looted Muslim properties since the latest episode of communal unrest broke out on 20 March 2013 in Meiktila, 130 kilometers north of the capital Naypyidaw.

    ‘As the government is now working on moving ahead with democratic reforms and development, people are urged to refrain from terrorist acts and religious extremism which can harm this work,’ according to a government statement read out on the evening news.

    The country’s quasi-civilian government, which has faced strong international pressure over the unrest, said it would ‘address all terrorist attacks including incitements for racial and religious attacks’.

    It said it would provide emergency food and shelter to the displaced and resettle them as soon as the situation becomes stable. The clashes were a stark reminder of the challenge that Muslim-Buddhist tensions pose to Burma’s government as it tries to reform the country after decades of iron-fisted military rule ended two years ago.

    It was the most serious religious conflict since violence Buddhists to Muslims in the western state of Rakhine last year left at least thousands people dead and more than 110,000 displaced.

    The bloodshed has raised fears that long-standing religious tensions that were largely suppressed during junta rule could now spread to other parts of the country. After a state of emergency was declared on 22 March 2013 and the army was sent into the area, an uneasy calm has returned to Meiktila after several days of violence that saw houses and Mosques torched and charred bodies left on the streets.

    ‘There is no more arson or attacks,’ local MP Win Htein on Monday said by telephone, adding that the main challenge now is to rebuild the relationship between Buddhists and Muslims who had previously lived side-by-side for generations. The lives, properties and religious building of Muslim are always abolishing by the Buddhist extremists in Burma. Now, the people of Muslim faith of all towns and villages in Burma are living in great fear of their lives, properties and religious building for not knowing when they will face tragedy of state sponsor genocide. The Muslim every village, town and city in Burma has to face sort of atrocities at any time as government is not in justice as perpetrators are own self.

    This is clear to all international communities to get the truth and acknowledge that the mastermind behind genocide in Arakan state, Meiktila and elsewhere is sponsored by high ranked powerful officials. It is also the time that international communities should prepare for justice for the perpetrators of genocide which claim thousand of lives, and properties of innocent Muslim minority in Burma.

    Mohamed Farooq is an activist and a B.Sc. Engineer on Electrical and Electronics.