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Border Security Force (Nasaka) charge one Million Kyat to release a Rohingya

By Mohamed Farooq

The Burma Border security force (Nasaka) from checkpoint of Saheb Bazar (Tamanta) under Nasaka Sector No: 02 caught up Noor Ahmed (42) son of Sultan Ahmed in Sathkinna Para (Thakhainya), northern Maungdaw on last 26th February night. He committed no illegal activities and actions which will make him to arrest. Nasaka hurt his body severely which cause physical pains and injured. He was accused involvement to a three-year past case of killing a Hlun Tin who raped an adolescent Rohingya girl till to death. They keep his two legs in the lockers and torturing still today.

Nasaka charge him one million kyat to be free from the custody. He has no capability to manage that huge amount of money. His relatives try to sell his 1.5 acres land properties, notworthy to get one million kyat but no body is willing to buy any property at misery guts. They also arrested two other persons with same censure and released them with extortion.

Moreover, Nasaka arrested two Rohingya men whose pocket had a paper with a Bangladeshi Mobile number hailed from Tudaiyar Sorr (Paung Sei), Saheb Bazar, is a territory of Maungdaw Town. They were demanded two lakh kyat per head to set loose.