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3,500 Burmese Muslims displaced forcibly to open sky in Meiktila

Muslims rest as they take refuge at a stadium amid riots in Meikhtila March 22, 2013. REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun 

Mayu Press:
By Mohamed Farooq

There are about 3,500 Muslims displaced to open sky
before midnight of 21 March. Most of them are women and children in district
stadium of Meiktila.
 In a quarter,
there are about 500 people. Among them, 100 are children and 200 are women and
elders. They are hiding in fear as Buddhists are gathering there and making
noises since afternoon. They are fleeing and hiding out of food and water. In
another ward, there are about 2,000 people consist of 600 families.
Communication lines had been cut off. Another 1,500 people were stuck by the
A volunteer staff informed “there were hundreds of
Muslim killed then burnt down corpses into ashes, many fatal wounded, blasting
fire to entire wards, torched up numbers of Mosques and religious schools.”
However, the Burmese government maintains formality
(i.e. not in practically) to the world by ; first imposing martial law not to
out where is sectarian unrest but Buddhist thugs can operate their mission
among tighten security. Second declared a state of emergency where no action
proceeds to brutal extremists.
Since the last few decades, the Burmese authorities
have well trained all sorts of Buddhism people to hate Muslims nation wide.
Many Buddhist religious monks, politician leaders and scholars use derogatory
terms for Muslims in public as “kala”. Recently, the reaping got even worse
with the massacre of Rohingya in Arakan state and formed a powerful monk campaigns
in Mandalay supervised by Wirathu, his views are Islam-phobia. According to
several Burmese Muslim activists, he recently visited Meiktila, where he
reportedly criticized that many businesses are owned by Muslims and also
demoralized as “Muslims will dominate our nation and will be destroyed Buddhism
faith. So this is time for wake up to my Buddhist brothers and sisters to
dismiss Muslims wherever you see.”
Hatred towards Muslims is the simplest and cheapest
thing in Buddhist societies and delusional fear of Buddhist religion under
intimidate out of collective thinking of their religion and race necessary to
be in superior status is dangerous. With the contemporary history of Burma,
there were several anti-Muslim riots to be Muslim free zone by mass killing
time to time with strong master plan and roadmap.