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Four Rohingya minor children slaughtered, one Rakhine killed three wounded in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Four Rohingya minor children from one family of Rohingya
community were slaughtered and one Rakhine was killed and three wounded by
unknown miscreants in Maungdaw north yesterday night, said a village admin
office member who denied to be named.

“On that night, a group of unknown miscreants went to Deen
Mohamed’s house of Khaza Bill (Sapaikone) village,under Nasaka area No.5 of
Maungdaw north while he was not present in the house. He has been working with
GE military at Burma- Bangladesh border. After entering the house, the
miscreants slaughtered all four minor children – Nuruzawma, Rozena Begum,Yasmin
Ara and Mozena, aged 10, 8, 6 and 4 (three females and one male) in the house.
The miscreants also abducted the mother –Roza- of the children and she is yet to
be found.”

The house is out of the
main village, at around one Furlong away from the main village Khaza bill, so
the villagers did not hear any screaming from the house last night, the
relatives more added.
Being informed, in the early morning, a group of Nasaka
personnel from Nasaka area No.5 went to the spot, and arrested villagers
arbitrarily from the road, and from fishing project while on the way to
village, said another villager on condition of anonymity.
After seeing the dead bodies, the Nasaka did not say anything to
the villagers. However, at 3: 00 pm, the police sent the dead bodies to
Maungdaw general hospital for autopsy, the villager added.
last night, at around 1:00 pm, Rohingya villagers heard firing sound from Nga
Khura (Rakhine -Myothet) village. So, from nearby Rohingya villagers tried to
go to the spot, to see the matter, but Nasaka stopped them from going, said a
localbusiness man
from the locality.
But, in the morning, the Rohingya villagers came to know that
one Rakhine villager was dead and another three Rakhine villagers including U
Ba Chit, were wounded, among them two are serious, the businessman added.
present, in the evening, the Nasaka (Burma border security force) are
surrounding the Loung Don village (Rohingya village) to arrest villagers as the
Nasaka and local Rakhine villagers believed that the unknown miscreants are
neighboring villagers. At around 6:00 pm, 107 villagers (including 26 women and
32 children) were arrested and were brought to the Nasaka camp, according to a
local elder.

“A rumor is spread out that there was a quarrel between local
Rakhines and   outsider Rakhines, who were hired from Akyab (Sittwe)
during the June 2012 violence. The local hired Rakhine goons at the rate of
Kyat 10,000 per month. But, the local Rakhines paid only Kyat 3,000 per month.
For this reason, there was a quarrel between them. The dead body was identified
as a Karate man (black belt) from Sittwe (Akyab), said a Nasaka aide from the
rumor come out again,” the conflict was occurred between two groups of drug
traffickers – U Ba Chit group of Longdu and Akyab drug trafficking group- for
59 million kyat and around 100,000 Yaba tablets. If the concerned authority
investigates U Ba Chit, the conflict will be come out real event.

But, Rohingya villagers believe that, “It is a creative event”
by the concerned authority to harass neighboring Rohingya villagers with a bad
intention, especially Loung Don villagers,” said a local trader who denied to
be named.
do the Rohingya villagers are dare to kill Rakhine villagers within the Act of
144? Rohingya villagers have no swords, no guns. How did they commit to shot dead one
Rakhine and wounded three?  It is totally impossible. At the time of
event, the Nasaka was alert and stopped the Villagers to go the spot,” said a
Rohingya leader.

But, no one is arrested regarding the event of four minor
children, said a youth.
Rohingya villagers fear that in future the authorities’
concerned, local Rakhine villagers accompanied by Natala villagers will create
problems to harass the Rohingya villagers. They don’t want peace between to
community, said a religious lead.
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