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Burmese Authority supplies guns to Rakhine Second Time in Northern Maungdaw

Arakan Liberation Army (ALA)

Source Mayu Press: 
February 20th, 2013

Edited By Mohamed Farooq

The Burmese government supplies ten guns to each Rakhine
village on 16 February 2013 in Northern Maungdaw. The Arakan Liberation Party
(ALP) and Rakhine National Development Party (RNDP) formed a youth group having
a leader to every Rakhine village who are under training with gun and long
swords to attack Rohingya at any time.

Rakhine can move and carry their activities openly as there
are no barriers and attachments from government. The Rakhine terrorists target
to rise up third massacre of Rohingya within their water festival will held in
April. The president of RNDP and Member of Parliament, Dr. Aye Maung stated about
the third violence in the Parliament of Burma.

Rakhine terrorists are well trained up and ready to attack
Rohingya again in their desired time. The Rakhine terrorists and Burmese
authority aim to root out all the Rohingya from the land of Arakan and make
free Muslim Zone. Not only in Arakan (known as Rakhine state) but also has
every corner of Burma resumed to destroy Muslim by extremist Buddhist with the
full support of government policy.