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Breaking News: Eleven starved Rohingya died in 3 restricted villages in Akyab

Photo Rohingya Village Keramotta Fara, Akyab

Akyab, Arakan State: Eleven starved Rohingya Muslims died at Keramotta Fara, Moloi bíça, Sáafarang and Kúsum Fara respectively in Akyab Township. These neighboring villages are surrounded by Rakhine villagers and an army’s cantonment. These villagers did not attack in the violence of last June 2012, but they are facing the worst situation now as most of inhabitants of those villagers are poor. They have to use to work in the town to support their families. Being lost of their ways to work, they have not only been restricted by authority and Rakhines, but they are also kept in threat of been attack.

It’s confirmed on phone that the villagers cannot go out for work, shopping food, and collecting daily comedies, even those villagers cannot get any medical facility for their treatment. If anyhow anyone leaves from their villages to buy something he/she is looted and beaten by Buddhist Rakhines. An old man who talked on phone said that eleven tarved died only lack of food. He also said that they were not allowed to go in camp while he was asked to go to refugee camp.

Photo Rohingya Village Keramotta Fara, Akyab

As these villagers are completely apart from other Rohingya villagers, but they are surrounded by Rakhine villagers as no help is reached there still. According to the old man, if this situation will continue one or two months, they will not get anyone alive then. Who want to hear their cryings?  Where is the humanity in the world?

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