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Border Security Forces (Nasaka) rape deadly and tortured Rohingya Women in Northern Maungdaw

 Photo: Zee Bin Chaung (Zee Ban Khali) Rohingya Village in maungdaw Township, Arakan State

By Mohamed Farooq

Some teams of Nasaka personnel entered the houses of Rohingya on 19.02.2013 night around 11 PM in Du Tan, Northern Maungdaw for family members checking way. Nasaka tied up with Nylon ropes to all respective males who are fathers and husbands of victims.

In front of guardians (i.e. father or husband of victims), Nasaka gang rape females which caused them fatal affect to be alive.

They also tortured severely both females and males. Today morning, the guardians went to complain the case about rapes to the officers of Nasaka. The authorities beat up and arrest the guardians instead of taking action to those Nasaka who committed rape last night.

This is the life of Rohingya inside Arakan.  Security Forces like Nasaka, Lun Tinn (Paramilitary), Police, Sarapa (Intelligent Police) and Army can do anything anytime to Rohingya as there is no action against them.  They are kicking out Rohingya like a football everywhere inside Arakan.

Some victims raped by Nasaka last night is given below:

February 20, 2013

  1. Mamtaz d/o Karimullah, 18 Years (Single)
  2. Noor Habiba w/o Karim Ullah, 38 Years (Married)

    Numbers one and two are daughter and mother!

  1. Anwara d/o Lal Muhammad, 15 Years (SIngle)
  2. Senowara d/o Lal Mohammad, 19 Years (SIngle)

    Numbers three and four are sisters each other!

  1. Rukia d/o Kabir Ahmed, 20 years (Single)
  2. Manuara d/o Jafor Ahmed, 19 Years. (Single)