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Border Security Force (Nasaka) intimidate Rohingya “Accept you are Bengali or Shoot you”

Mohamed Farooq
On 26 February, 2013, about 25
Nasaka personnel came to Rani Para from Nasaka area number one under the tract
of Maungdaw Township. They ordered village administrator, Mohammad Gafur to
call every villager and they will take a photo having race name is Bengali with
his/her signature or finger print. Mohammad Gafur replied that it was not
possible for him to take responsibility of bringing villager to take photo with
signature having race is Bengali. The villagers were almost evaded to
presenting the spot. He also asked to Nasaka “if it is mandatory, you can do me
what you want.”
Finally, Nasaka told him that
they did not like any excuse to get further and they will come again. “It is
the last word to arrange and prepare all people to do what we order as you are
Bengali or we will shoot who oppose this matter.” Burmese security forces can
menace openly to shoot as they have prime power to cleansing Rohingya minority
by Higher Authority.

Source Mayu Press: