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    We’ll help Rohingya as per humanitarian principles: FM

    The Nation:

    will be working closely with international agencies, including the UN
    High Commissioner for Refugees, to extend help to 857 Rohingya people
    found illegally entering Thailand earlier this month.

    will proceed in line with laws and humanitarian
    principle,” Foreign Affairs
    Ministry’s permanent secretary Sihasak Phuangketkeow said Tuesday.

    said UNHCR, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), and
    the Unicef, had expressed concerns and the wish to help the Rohingya

    we will have close discussions on what to do next. Otherwise, when
    the legal process in Thailand is completed, we will have to consider
    deporting them,” Sihasak said at a press conference. 

    from a state-sponsored shelter in Narathiwat, a 10-year-old Rohingya
    boy said he would be dead if he was deported back to Myanmar’s
    Yakhine State

    people are a Muslim minority group in Thailand’s neighbouring

    parents and all my four older siblings were killed,” Nurahazim
    said. His body was scarred with many knife wounds and beating wound. 

    rich man there helped us (survivors of violence) by giving us a boat.
    So, we went into the sea and hoped we could reach a Muslim country,”
    the boy said via an interpreter. 

    to Nurahazim, his boat went ashore in Thailand and a man identifying
    himself as a soldier promised to help transferring them to Malaysia
    if receiving Bt150,000 per head. In the end, they were put in the
    hands of human traffickers. 

    feel hurt,” Nurahazim said.