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Villager arrested for guest receiving at his house in Maungdaw

                                     Photo Myanmar UNDP Northern Rakhine State 

Arakan State:
 A villager was arrested and extorted money by
Burma’s border security force ( Nasaka)  for receiving a guest
in his house today, said a close relative of the victim.  

victim is identified as Sayed Hussain (50), son of Zar Muluk, hailed
from Maung Nama village under Nasaka Headquarters (Kawar Bill) of
Maungdaw Township.” 

at about 2: 00 am, at night, a group of Nasaka from Aung Min Gala
Nasaka out-post of Maungdaw north led by Captain Aung Myo Than  went
to Maung Nama village accompanied by Village Administration officer
Shobbir Ahmed where they entered the victim house to search a guest
inside the house, but, they did not find the guest, said another
local villager preferring not to be named.  

a result, the Nasaka captain arrested the house owner Sayed Hussain
and  detained in the Nasaka out-post  camp.” 

Arakan State, for Rohingya community, the guest receivers or house
owners have to inform to the local Village Administration officer, if
the guest stays at night, otherwise, the Nasaka will fine the house
owner, said a local schoolteacher.  

a guest from nearby village came to Sayed Huaass’s house at about
10:00 am and returned to his home after having food, at around 3:00
pm. But, the Nasaka’s collaborator or informer did not know the
guest went back to his home. So, the informer mistakenly informed
that one guest came to the victim’s house, according to a local

house owner or guest receiver did not need to inform about his guest
to the local Admin or Nasaka because the guest did not stay at

today, at around 1:00 pm, the arrestee was released after paying Kyat
160,000 to the Nasaka commander, said another close relative of the

local politician said, “The Nasaka commander knows that the victim
does not commit any crime. Why the Nasaka officer extorts such a big
amount from the victim. So, it is a deliberate action against the
Rohingya community.”

Nasaka from Udaung Nasaka-outpost camp arrested a Rohingya who
visited his relative’s house – same village, same quarters and
near his house- for not informing the concerned authority on January
20, according to an elder from Udaung.

Rahaman, 25, son of Nur Ahmed hailed from Baringa Dyel  (village)
was arrested for visiting his relative’s house and detained in the
Udaung out post camp where the Nasaka demand  huge money which
was not able to pay by arrestee. So, he was transferred to commanding
officer camp of area number 8, according to a village admin office

by KPN