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Township administration officer issues new order not to pray in mosques

Photo: Ablution (Wudu Kaána) Area at Buthidaung Mosque.

Maungdaw, Arakan
State: Maungdaw Township Administration Officer – TAO – issued an
official writing order not to pray Namaz (five time prayers) in
mosques on January 26, according to a religious leader from Maungdaw

“The official
order with letterhead was issued to all Local Village Administration
Officers – VAOs – in Maungdaw –kept on the wall of building.”

after violence in June 2012, the concerned authorities of Maungdaw
Township barred not to pray five time prayers in mosques nearby
Maungdaw Town and Maungdaw south, but, in Maungdaw north, the
authority gave permission verbally to pray five times prayer in
mosques with less than five people. The authorities concerned also
barred not to call Azan (prayer call) by loud speaker.”

Besides, the TAO
also ordered to all VAOs in Maungdaw Township to close Basic Arabic
schools (Mogtab) for young children said another religious leader
from Maungdaw south.

The Rohingya
villagers are very disappointed hearing the news. Villagers believe
that situation will become stable slowly after the recently clashes
between two sister communities. Why the concerned authorities
compress the situation of the Rohingya people? , asked abusiness man
from Maungdaw town.

“Earlier, the
present quasi-civilian government declared that Burma is a religious
free country. But, on the other hand, the authorities encourage
Buddhism by building Buddhist monasteries and pagodas across the
country. They especially press and oppress the Muslim and
Christianity. Where is the religious freedom?”

In twenty first
century, the world becomes a big village, at this moment; Burmese
government is still trying to oppress the minorities who are
different from Buddhism, said a local elder from Maungdaw north.

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