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Security forces harass female while entering Maungdaw

Maungdaw,Arakan State: The security forces – Police, Hluntin and Burma border securityforce (Nasaka) – are harassing Rohingya females while they areentering Maungdaw, according to a security officer fromMaungdaw.

“The security forces charged the Rohingya females tocheck their body while they are entering to Maungdaw. The malesecurity personnel are checking the body of Rohingya females.”

Thesecurity forces charged the Rohingyas ( male and female) on theentering gates – Shwezar bridge, Myoma Khayoungdan bridge andNyoungchang bridge – where the checked the whole body of person.The security forces are not using female security personnel forfemales.”

Theentering gate always harassing Rohingyas by checking travel pass ofVillage administration officer or TRC (white card) and charge perperson 200 to 500 kyats, said an elder.
Therural areas people entered to Maungdaw for marketing for their familyand the security charge on the marketing goods and Rohingya had topay for goods.”
Thesecurity forces charged 500-1000 from the vehicle which passed thebridge, there are so many bridge on this road. So, the earning moneyis going to the security forces and we returned back home withoutmoney, said a vehicle’s’ owner from Maungdaw.
Rohingyaare giving their earning money to the security force to escape fromharassment and the Rohingya become empty hand after hardworking wholeday, said  a polictician from Maungdaw. 

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