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    Rohingyas Having Horrific And Sleepless Nights, Maungdaw

    2013, in Aung Sit Pyin village tract, a Rohingya was arrested and
    extorted 300,000Ks by a general staff accompanaied by other six
    NaSaKas simply because his 22 year old son had fleed to India.

    the dead of the night of 7th January 2013, Hala Meah s/o Abdu Shukkur
    hails from Rida, Aung Sit Pyin (Dom Bhai) village tract of northern
    Kyein Chaung (Boli Bazar) village tract was arrested by a general
    staff, Aung Than Zaw accompanied by six NaSaKas of regional subcamp
    no-24 in Kyein Chaung (Boli Bazar) on the pretext that his 22 year
    old son had fleed to India.

    he was handcuffed and intimidated into extortion, no other physical
    torture was reported. However after 12 hours of detention, he was
    extricated extorthing 300,000Ks. “Now we can’t sleep at night
    for the fear of being arrested by NaSaKas because every night they
    (the general staff and other NaSaKas) rampage through the surrounding
    villages (Boli Bazar, Dom Bai …ect) of the said camp-24, then they
    make a raid on every targetted Rohingya houses and brutal
    persecution, hefty moneyextortion
    and mass arrest of poor-spirited Rohingyas (without ever once being
    convicted of any crime) have been usually carried out by them”
    said an scholar from Aung Sit Pyin (Dom Bhai) on the condition of

    the denial of the citizenship, legal existence, other basic rights
    and arbitrary arrest including constant NaSaKa extortion, including
    the raid and rampage through the Rohingya villages in northern
    Rakhine State are underlying reasons behind the exodus of thousands
    of Rohingyas. But on the contrary the government not only shut down
    their ways to return back home and confiscates their possessions but
    extorts money from their remaining familes or relatives. To truely
    see how the Burmese government treat the Rohingya, one does not have
    to look further than this kind of extortion from a Rohingya just
    because his 22 year old son fleed the country.

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