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Rohingya youth severely tortured in Maungdaw


Arakan State: 
Rohingya youth was severely tortured by Burma’s border security
force (Nasaka) on January 26, in the evening in Maungdaw north for
sending his two elder sisters to their father-in- laws’ houses
after visiting their parents’ house, said a close relative of the
victim on condition of anonymity.
“The victim was identified as
Abdullah (22), son of Hussain, hailed from Nari Bill village under
the Nasaka area No. 6 of Maungdaw north.”

that day, at around 6:00 pm, Abdullah sent his two elder sisters from
Nari Bill village to Kular Bill village within the Nasaka area No.6
after crossing a small river with a small boat. The villages are
about 500 yards away from each other. The two elder sisters of
Abdullah came to attend a wedding ceremony to their parent’s house.
One of them has a young son aged two years. Their fathers-in –
law’s houses are at Kular Bill village, said a local elder who
denied to be named.

after crossing the said small river, they met Nasaka personnel of
out-post camp of Naska area No.6 while on the way to Kular Bill
village where the Nasaka personnel severely tortured Abdullah and
even two years boy because of not giving information to them.”

he was released after paying Kyat 40,000 to the Nasaka officer,
according to another close relative.

village leader said, “The readers will foresee how the Rohingya
villagers are restricted by the authority.” 

Source KPN