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    Rohingya Population Survey 2013 held with vanishing threat in Kyauktaw

    By RARC
    team of 15 Burmese Immigration personnel, consisting of 3 personnel
    from Arakan State Immigration, 9 personnel from Kyauktaw Township
    Immigration and 3 RNDP (Rakhine Nationalities Development Party)
    members went in Yadanabone (Nairong-Murafara), Kadir Fara,  Fiding
    Fara and Modi Fara of Kyauktaw on 21 January 2013 in doing
    survey for
    2013, according to local report. 

    This official
    group started their entry from Nairong-Murafara at about 9:00am and
    ended 2 days long survey in Rohingya households in destroyed areas.

    The officials
    were forcibly asking the Rohingya families to write Bengali at the
    place of ethnic race on a white form. In 2 days, these officials able
    to complete the survey of 12 Rohingya families, said Toyub, a
    Rohingya youth from Kyauktaw.

    The entire
    Rohingya populations of the areas denied writing Bengali word on this
    form while they openly express their opposition on such survey. The
    Rohingya told to the officials that they have been living there for
    centuries in peace and harmony. They also claim that they are the
    indigenous people in their own land, he added.

    Following this,
    members of RNDP talked to the Rohingya people with very aggressive
    and angry mode, even threatened to vanish the Rohingya populations in
    near future. In such time, the Burmese immigration officials kept
    quite and returned without further comment.

    on the situation, Rohingya residents of Kyauktaw worrying of fresh
    attack in the future and thus they are in need of
    strong security forces
    for their safety.