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Road construction destroys winter cultivation farms

Arakan State:
construction road – highway- made by authority is destroying most
of Rohingya winter cultivation farms in Maungdaw south, according to
a local businessman.

“The road – from Maungdaw north to south-
is going near the mountain side where most of the Rohingyas grow
winter season crops – potato, chili, eggplant, cabbage,
cauliflower, beans, radish, carrot, tomato, water melon and etc.. “

According to
sources, over five acres of winter cultivation farms were already
destroyed by the road construction using bulldozer and grader.

Rohingya farmers of Khonza Bill and Udaung villages under Maungdaw
north grew different items in the winter season crops, but their
farms were destroyed by road construction equipment.”

A farmer said
from Udaung village on condition of anonymity, “My chili and potato
farms were destroyed by the road construction equipment. It will harm
us to stock crops for raining season and may be the areas will be
shortage winter crops in this year. I am not sure how to feed my

The farmer also
said, “We – Rohingya people – had not able to cultivate paddy
in the rainy season because of sectarian violence between Rohingyas
and Rakhines in June 2012. The government had restricted our movement
during raining season and not able to grow paddy. Now, we are facing
shortage foods in summer, how we survive in the raining season.”

of Rohingyas have no jobs in
the winter as security personnel are harassing to extort money over
false allegation, said another farmer.

The villages
from Maungdaw north believe that more than 30 acres of winter season
farms will be destroyed by the road construction, said a local elder.