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Rakhine Settlers in Rohingya villages after their displacement

Qutub Shah

RB News 

(Edited by Mayu Thit Sar)

Maungdaw: Nasaka commander extorted 3.8 million Kyats from 4 Rohingyas detained earlier. Major Win Hlaing, commander of Border Security Force (Nasaka) Region 5 Ngakura, eventually, released four Rohingyas detained by extorting 3.8 million Kyats. The four miserable victims are:

1. Mohammed Hashim s/o Ferdan, 16

2. Mohammed Ali s/o Abdul Hamid, 23
3. Mohammed Hashim s/o Lalo, 17
4. Mohammed Ayas s/o Kalameah, 18

These ill-luck victims are of those who were arrested on Friday, January 12, 2013, at 8:30pm, from their respective shops in Kyat Yoe Pyin market during Nasaka’s raid on the market. There are some other detainees who are not released as they are unable to provide the sum demanded by Major Win Hlaing. But, the goods worth millions of Kyats looted from their shops are not returned back.

On January 16 at 10:00 am, in Nasaka Region 7, Zaw Matat [Lambagona] village tract, Hinthara (Honsara) village, Maungdaw, Nasaka in collaboration with Rakhines destroyed the village mosque and its attached Madrasah (Arabic School). They have been destroying and burning homes since the violence outbreak to date. Since few days they have been cutting trees and bamboos and knocking out the roots to make the land plain. They are preparing it for Rakhine settlements.

“Rakhines are living in both countries, Bangladesh and Burma. They have no problem in crossing the border. As the officials here are Rakhine Buddhists, now they are planning to bring their relatives from Bangladesh and settle in our lands. They already brought many during these days. Previously, Ex-General Khin Nyunt brought many from central Burma who are jobless. Nasaka confiscated our lands and handed over to them. As the government wants to drive us out from Arakan, they are doing so according to their plan. Here is no law for us.” said by a resident of Maungdaw to RB News.

Mrauk-U: On January 16, two penurious Rohingya men, Muktar s/o Abdu Shukkur and Kalameya s/o Muhammed Ali from Haung Tawk village tract, Mrauk-U Township, went to Fifarang village tract to sell religious books and perfume in the market for their survival. Unfortunately, seeing those selling books and perfumes, a wild military person, named Tun Naing from Battalion No. 378 approached them and began to tear the pages of the religious books, thrown, kicked and treaded it insolently. Then, he tortured the two persons so vehemently that they could not return to their village again and were lethally injured. The military threw them there in the market. When then military left from the place, some people from Fifarang took them up and brought to one’s house for first aids.