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    Police assure non-involvement in Rohingya trafficking ring

    By Digital Media

    BANGKOK, Jan 23 – A senior police officer today flatly ruled out any police involvement in the trafficking of ethnic Rohingya migrants into Thailand.

    National police spokesman Piya Utayo made the statement on the heels of a recent report that Thai military officers were implicated in smuggling Rohingya migrants from Myanmar via the South of Thailand.

    He said the commissioner of Region 9 Provincial Police, supervising seven provinces in the lower South, has been instructed to closely monitor human trafficking activities which have led in part to an influx of Rohingya migrants to Thailand.

    A total of 1,381 Rohingya migrants are currently detained at different shelters in the South, he said, adding that 686 of them are under Immigration Police supervision and 413 under the care of various state agencies, while the status of 282 others has yet to be defined.

    Southern provinces under Region 9 Provincial Police are Trang, Narathiwat, Pattani, Phatthalung, Yala, Songkhla and Satun. Most of the apprehended Rohingya migrants have been given temporary shelter in Songkhla.

    Pol Maj Gen Piya warned of harsh legal action against those implicated in human trafficking. (MCOT onlinenews)

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