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Nasaka tries to attempt rape in Maungdaw

Arakan State:
Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) personnel tried to attempt
rape a Rohingya family on January 8, at Maungdaw north, a close
relative of the victims who denied to be named for the cause of
security reason.

“On that day, at around 1:30 pm, a group of
Nasaka, numbering in six with the collaboration of Village
Administration officer and the head of 10 houses (Bseim Gaung in
Burmese) entered the house of Abdu Salam (40), son of Ali Meah,
hailed from Pawet Chaung village under the Nasaka area No.5 of
Maungdaw Township.  Breaking the door, the Nasaka personnel and
the collaborators entered the home, and tortured the whole family
members including wife, sons and daughters discriminately without any
provoking them.”

Meanwhile, the wife of Abdu Salam taking a knife
axed the one Nasaka officer and Village Administration officer-
Rashid Ahmed (45), son of Abdul Fatta – injuring them to their face
and finger.  Hearing the hue and cry, the nearby villagers
rushed to the spot, so the Nasaka fled from the scene, said another
relative of the victims.

However, on January 11, morning, the local Nasaka
Commander of the Nasaka area No.5 called the Nasaka personnel who
committed crimes, house owners and the Nasaka collaborators to the
Nasaka camp to inquiry the event, the relative said.

During the event, the Nasaka lost one bullet in the
house, so the Nasaka collaborator Noor Khobir (the head of the said
10 houses) was sent to the house by the Nasaka to find the lost
bullet.  Luckily, the collaborator fond the lost bullet and
returned to the Nasaka, an aide of Nasaka said.

So far, the victims are not getting real judgment
from the local Nasaka commander office, a local businessman said.

Besides, the Nasaka Commander of Nasaka area No. 7 
of Maungdaw south and the Deputy  Commander of Light Infantry
Battalion (LIB )-353, which is situated at Aley Than Kyaw village of
Maungdaw committed robberies against the Rohingya villagers sending
their solders to nearby villages  in every night. They went to
Rohingya villagers along with local Natala villagers and taking even
old clothes, tools and pots of the Rohingya villagers, according to
local villagers.

A village elder said, “The present quasi-civilian
government is trying peace with all ethnic minorities across the
country, but in Arakan and Kachin States, the concerned authorities
have been harassing the Rohingya and Kachin communities.”