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More lands confiscated in Maungdaw south

Arakan State: More than 150 acres of arable lands were confiscated by
the government authority and have provided to the Natala villagers in
Maungdaw south recently, said a local farmer on condition of

confiscated lands had already been grown winter paddy (paddy after
paddy) by the farmers when it was seized by the authority. The all
seized lands are belonging to Rohingya villagers of Sarcombo and
Gudusora villages under the Maungdaw south.”

present, the Natala villagers are tilling the paddy fields again to
grow paddy in the fields after destroying previous cultivation by the
Rohingya farmers, said a local farmer.

One of the farmers from
Maungdaw rural area said, “We Rohingya farmers grow paddy in the
rainy and winter seasons in our areas of Maungdaw south to improve
rice production. “We are now more struggling for our family members
as the government doesn’t allow us to do anything.”

According to different
sources, many Rohingyas have been starving from the shortage of food
in Arakan State since June last year.

Sources also said, Rakhine
community gets donation from different quarters of government, but
Rohingya community doesn’t get anything from the government side in
northern Arakan.

Since June 2012, Rohingya
people have been keeping in their villages and the authority does not
give them permission to do anything to support their family members.
So they have no jobs and no works for earnings. At this moment, in
southern side of Arakan State, Rohingya people get some relief from
NGOs, but it is very inadequate.  Meanwhile, the northern side
of the Rohingya people did not get any relief, said a local elder who
denied to be named.

In this situation, the
concerned authorities are killing innocent Rohingya villagers,
looting property from villagers and also making arbitrarily arrest
and extortingmoney from villagers by various torturing and
threatening. In short, the whole Rohingya community is in dying
position. How they will survive in Arakan State in future?, the local
elder more added. 

Source KPN