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Locals protest against INGOs in Refugee camp

                                          Anti-Rohingya rally kutupalong,Ukhiya photo 2010

Bangladesh: A group of locals including Member Mohamed Ali of Upazila
Phorishat (UP) – village admin member- are protesting against the
INGOs who are working in the Nayapara camp, said a schoolteacher from
the Nayapara camp.

protested against the INGOs because some local staffs were expelled
from their jobs from INGOs on January 8. But, INGOs are trying to
recruit some refugees to replace against the local posts.”

January 9, at about 3:00 pm, some local village elders including UP
member held a meeting and protested against the INGOs.

don’t want Rohingya refugees to work in the Nayapara camp after
expelling local staffs. Our locals should work in the camp and INGOs
must fulfill our demands. If INGOs don’t give opportunity to locals
to work in INGOs, we will protest continuously against the INGOs and
Rohingya refugees, after January 20,” according to statement of UP
member Mohamed Ali.

UP member also said, the Rohingya refugees came to Bangladesh from
Burma 1992 and damaged our (locals) properties. The refugees also cut
natural resources and work in farmlands.

to sources, over 266 locals work in the Nayapara camp and they are
supported by different INGOs such as Research Training and Management
International (RTMI), Hunger for Action (ACF), Technical Assistance
Incorporate (TAI), Ministry of Health (MOH) and others.

refugee said on condition anonymity, “If INGOs give us opportunity
to work inside the Nayapara refugee camp, it will be better for us.
We don’t need to find out jobs out of camp for our survival and we
are very happy on it.”

refugee also said that many registered refugees went to Malaysia from
the Nayapara camp by sea rout with the risky boats to search for
better opportunity of their families’ future. If they get better
opportunity from the INGOs in Bangladesh, they do not go to Malaysia.

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