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BRAFA Delegation Meets Congresswomen Gwen Moore’s District Office Director in Milwaukee

of BRAFA, Shaukhat Jilani (Chairman), Hussain Saifula
(Vice-Chairman), and Max Zubair Ahamad (General Secretary) with
District Director Lois O’Keefe of the Congresswomen Gwen Moore’s
District Office.

SaleemNews: Over 10,000 Rohingya people were killed and their villages
burned down by Buddhist Rakhine groups and Burmese security forces.

WI) – A delegation of BRAFA (Burmese Rohingya American Friendship
Association) consisting of Shaukhat @ MSK Jilani (Chairman), Hussain
Saifula (Vice-Chairman), and Max Zubair Ahamad (General Secretary)
met with District Director Lois O’Keefe of the Congresswomen Gwen
Moore’s District Office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 23, 2013
and discussed the plight of Burmese Rohingyas and Arakan Muslim
population in Burma.

the roundtable discussion, BRAFA’s President highlighted and draw the
attention of Congresswomen Gwen Moore as following:-
June 03, 2012 to October 2012, due to the atrocities, persecutions,
ethnic cleansing and genocidal actions carried out by the Buddhist
Rakhine political and elites group with the full supporting of
Burmese military security forces on the indigenous Rohingya people in
Arakan State, Burma which affected:-

Over 10,000 Rohingya people were killed and burned down by the
Buddhist Rakhine groups and Burmese security forces in duty, 2- About
20,000 Rohingyas houses plus 57 mosques have been set fire and
destroyed from 70 Muslim villages across 8 Townships of Arakan,

More than 135,000 Muslim Rohingyas have been displaced and became
homeless and now living in the concentration camps as internally
displaced persons (IDP) and refugees in their own country,
The living condition of the concentration camp is very poor,
unhygienic, and overcrowded. the people in the concentration camp are
not getting enough foods, clean water, and medical supplies and even
people cannot move from one place to another, and no safety and
protection at all, as well as elderly people, pregnant women and
minor children are dying day to day because of shortages of food,
poor hygiene, lack of medical facilities and malnutrition.

Thousands of Muslim population owned shops, market and commercial
store have been confiscated by the Burmese government officials and
never return back to the rightful owners,

hundreds of Muslims women and girls were raped by the Buddhists
Rakhine people and Burmese security forces during the attack and
violence in the name of protecting and helping them, and also many
Muslim youths, students and religious scholars are being arrested by
the Burmese government security forces and charged them with false
and illegal allegations and presently, estimated 1,200 Muslim
Rohingyas are in the Burmese jails in Arakan.

BRAFA President also explained that Muslim Rohingyas are deprived of
Burmese citizenship rights in Burma and currently, living as
stateless people in their native land. In addition, the Arakan State
Government officials, Immigration Authorities, NASAKA (Burma Border
Security Forces) and Dr. Aye Maung led Rakhine Nationalities
Development Party (RNDP) members are now compelling the innocent
Rohingya people to confess Bengali ethnicity and taking signatures by
force in family data check-up to prove them foreigners. The leaders
and members of RNDP and Arakan State Government authorities are also
being implemented a program of segregation policy not allowing the
Rohingyas and Arakan Muslims to go to Downtown and other places of
inside Arakan State.

further said that because of continuous persecutions, looting,
torture and harassment by the Burmese security forces and armed
Buddhist Rakhine groups, thousands of Muslim Rohingyas fled the
country through the sea and now entering into neighboring ASEAN
countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, and
moreover currently, many Rohingya people are under immigration
detention in Thailand and Malaysia who fled the country to escape
persecution and torture at the hands of Burmese security forces and
armed Rakhine groups in Arakan, The BRAFA Chairman also appealed to
Congresswomen Gwen Moore through her District Director Lois O’Keefe
the following three (3) points:- 
To put paramount pressure on the Burmese President Thein Sein and his
military Government Ministers through US Congress to end atrocities,
rapes, torture and controlled genocide against the civilian Muslim
Rohingya ethnic minority group in Arakan, 

To introduce a legislation in favor of suffering Rohingya ethnic
minority people of Arakan in the US Congress and also send strong
messages to Burmese President Thein Sein to restore Burmese
citizenship and basic fundamental human rights for the Rohingya
ethnic minority people who were living in Arakan for centuries,

Until peace and security prevailing in Arakan State, recommend to
dispatch UN Peace Keeping Forces in Arakan to protect the Rohingya
ethnic minority and Arakan Muslim population from the ongoing
atrocities, gross human rights violation, extermination and genocide
committed by the Burmese government, its security forces and Buddhist
Rakhine people. Maung Tue (aka) Kamal Hussain (Information and
Publication Secretary) Burmese Rohingya American Friendship
Association (BRAFA) Milwaukee, Wisconsin