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Border pass held for Ward number 3 and 5 in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  The Maungdaw authority passed an order today to hold the border pass of Rohingya who are living in Ward number 3 and 5, according to village administration office member.

Maungdaw Exit and entry point No.1
“The Rohingya – living in Ward number 3 and 5 – who denied to take digital fingerprints and photographs forregistration process with Bengali race.”
The Burma border security force (Nasaka) entered today ward number 3 to collect so-called family population list with computerized digital fingerprints and photographs as Bengali which Rohingya community denied toregister and no one went to register with them, said a politician.

“The Nasaka only collect the so-called family population list from Rohingya community, but not to Rakhine community who live in the same ward.”

Similarly, the Nasaka entered Ward number 5 – all the population are Rohingya- to check so called family population list, but no Rohingya family registered with them.
The Nasaka become angry with Rohingya of Ward number 5 and 3, the field reports sent to the Maungdaw officers who made an order to held the border pass ( for one day pass and seven days pass to Bangladesh).
The Nasaka tried all the area of Maungdaw to collect the lists with Bengali race with computerized digitalfingerprints and photographs which the Rohingya are not able to know their race which they want to be mention as per their willing.
“We processed this so called family population list checking which made reduce our family members and not include new born baby and charging at last 500o kyats per family list and extra for absent member and dead persons,” said a Rohingya elder.
The Nasaka tried to collect the Rohingya population list as per the authority willing – using Bengali for Rohingya- calling the village elders and village administration officers and members for taking digital fingerprints and photographs for registration process, but none of Rohingya villagers join with them when they went their villages, the politician said
“The Maungdaw authority again using their evil method as yearly family population list checking which now using computerized digital fingerprints and photographs with Bengali race. So, the Rohingya community from all sector denied to register so-called computerized digital fingerprints and photographs.”
“Nasaka harassed village administration officers of Rohingya villages for failing to organize villagers to register, so most of village admin officers had arrested in their (Nasaka) camps for one or two days.”
Some collaborators are trying to organize the villagers with warning, giving facility which made a few people from some villages of Maungdaw north. But, most of the villages refused to do it.  Source KPN