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    ARNO Press release: UN intervention is most urgent to protect the Rohingya



    January 2013)

    intervention is most urgent to protect the Rohingya

    June 2012 deadly violence in Arakan, the human rights situation of
    the Rohingya has become more deteriorating with story of “dead and
    dying”. Campaigns of genocide and extermination against them are
    carried out day in, day out. Rape, murder, arbitrary arrest, looting,
    extortion, criminal atrocities, hunger and diseases are persistent
    and widespread. Their burned down and depopulated villages are being
    populated with Buddhist settlers warmly invited from within and from
    Bangladesh.  These are the main ‘push factors’ that cause
    the migration of Rohingya to neighbouring countries for which the
    Burmese government and Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP)
    with Dr. Aye Maung are fully responsible.

    Most Rohingyas,
    including those about 140,000 internally displaced during the
    carnage, have nothing to 
    eat and
    nowhere to go and are dying of hunger, malnutrition and diseases.
    Humanitarian aids to the Rohingya displacement camps and areas have
    been systematically blocked by the local administration dominated by
    RNDP, with organized gangs of Buddhist Rakhine. It is almost
    unprecedented that some 50 drinking water ponds of the Rohingya
    villages have been poisoned by the Buddhist Rakhine and the security

    school or madrassa education is available for the Rohingya children
    in villages and displacement camps. Most of the mosques are still
    closed down, and funeral prayers for the deceased persons are
    disallowed without payment. Villagers and Maulvis (religious persons)
    were tortured for performing funeral services. In Shweza village of
    Maungdaw NaSaKa intelligence officer Aung Naing from Outpost No. 14
    under Sector No.6 is extorting Kyat 10,000 to 25,000 for each

    security forces are conducting sporadic surveys coercing
    the Rohingya villagers to write ‘Bengali’ as their racial name in
    place of ‘Rohingya’ against their will. Some villagers were
    arrested or tortured for opposing their dictation while others
    escaped away.

    June 2012, an estimated 13,000 Rohingya took perilous voyages towards
    Malaysia and more than 500 boat people are missing or have drowned
    after several boats sinking, while a number of them ended up in jails
    and detention in countries within the region. During recent weeks
    Thai security forces rescued 773 beleaguered Rohingya in Songkhla
    province whereas another group of 73 rescued Rohingya are reported
    under threat of ‘push back’ to Burma where they face persecution.
    The boat people are often victimized at the hands of the human
    traffickers who used to sell them to slavery for 60,000 to 70,000
    Bhat ($1,975 to $ 2,304) per person, particularly to fishing
    tragedies and boat people disaster have got out of hand causing
    serious regional problem with international perspective. Primarily
    the Rohingya problem needs to be resolved within Burma, but there is
    no change of attitude of the ruling civil-military hybrid government
    towards them. In the absence of national protection the
    responsibility to protect them weighs on the international community.
    therefore, request the United Nations and its Members of the Security
    Council to send UN Peacekeeping Force to Arakan in order to protect
    the helpless Rohingya people; and to constitute a UN Commission of
    Inquiry to investigate the international crimes committed against
    Rohingya and bring the perpetrators to justice.
    more information, please contact:
    Islam: + 44 07947854652

    Aman Ullah + 880 1558486910