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Army shoots dead a Rohingya in Maungdaw

Arakan State:
personnel from Light Infantry Battalion (LIBs) No. 352 – stationed
near Bagonenah village – shot on a grazing Rohingya youth on
January 28, at about 11:00am, according to an elder from Bagonenah

Rafique, 28, son of Abdul Majed hailed from Bagonenah village, is the
grazing Rohingya youth.”

with other Rohingya youths were grazing their cattle in the grazing
ground near their village and near a Natala village. On that times,
the Rakhines from Natala village with some army personnel entered to
grazing ground where the army and Rakhines tried to snatch the cattle
of Rohingyas. The grazing Rohingya youths tried to save their cattle
and stopped the Army personnel and Rakhine from snatching the cattle,
said a village admin office member from Bagonenah.

an Army personnel shot on Rafique who fight with them to save the
villagers from Bagonenah, rushed to the spot where Rafique was shot
after getting the information about the event.”
villagers took wounded Rafique to the village where family list
checking Nasaka group were sitting at village. The Nasaka and
villagers rushed to the Maungdaw hospital with Rafique, but, the
doctor declared his dead. The dead body of Rafique reached to the
village at 3:00pm and his body was buried at village cemetery after
Namaz-e- Janaza (funeral pray), said a relative of Rafique.
is a deliberate action against the Rohingya community. There is no
value of Rohingya people as human being. Why do the armies kill the
innocent Rohingya youth? It means the army does not care the Rohingya

addition, today, at around 2:00 pm, a group army from LIB No. 352
from Nasaka area No. 7 of Maungdaw south took away five buffaloes
from grazing ground while Tofile ( 25), son of Abdullah, hailed from
Kilai Daung village of under Nasaka area No.7 ,was grazing in the
field. The army accompanied by some Natala villagers brought these
five buffaloes to their camp and informed to the father of Tofile to
exchange the buffaloes with money,
a local businessman said on condition of anonymity.
at last, today in the evening, father of Tofile went to the army camp
and paid Kyat 270,000 to release the buffaloes.”

Thein Sein declared that extra security forces
were deployed in Arakan State to control the situation. But, its
continued harassments against the Rohingya community are increasing
day by day, according to a local youth.
security forces are deployed in Arakan to curb the situation or to
increase harassments against the Rohingya people.”

100 armies led by Deputy commander Major Rey Wint Aung of light
Infantry Battalion (LIB) No. 352 has been taking station at
Maungdaw south to oppress the Rohingya villagers after the violence
between Rakhine and Rohingya communities in June 2012.

Army personnel and Nasaka (Burma border security force) are harassing
– checking ID and village admin officer travel permission and
extorting money from every person except Rakhine community –
Rohingya community near the Bagonenah village under Maungdaw south
while the Rohingyas are going on the high way of Maungdaw-
Alaythankyaw at every bridges, said a school teacher from
army and Nasaka collect from 50 kyats to 200 kyats per person even he
had ID and travel permit, 200 – 500 kyats per Rohingya passenger
car only and collecting good fishes from fisherman who are going to
market to sell.”
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