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A Nsaka Commander Extorted About 30 Millions, Maungdaw

Arakan State : Bogyi Wi Myo Pyain, commander and head of NaSaKa camp
based no-24 Kyein Chaung village tract (Boli Bazar),under region-4
has been looking for Hafez-Nurul Haque s/o Md Husain aged 39 hailed
from Kyein Chaung village tract since three months over the false
accusation that he uses Bangladeshi mobile phone.
However, as he refrained getting out, he had not been caught. But
when he came out yesterday to participate in census check-up process
(carried out by Na-Sa-Ka twice a year which is a must for Rohingyas
only, unless they will be delisted from the
census), coincidentally he was arrested by the Na-Sa-Kas
lead by the above mentioned officer and placed under detention cell
till they succeeded to extort 350000Ks from this poor victim.

a matter of fact, he (Bogyi Wi Myo Pyain) is so notorious for
arresting, torturing and extorting 
money from
Rohingyas without any criminal offence. During the last four months
he extorted at least thirty millions Kyats from Rohingyas in his area
of camp base no-4. Similarly, he extorted 355000Ks from Rohingyas
listed below, on the pretext of Buddhist festival to be held in the
Na-Sa-Ka head quarter Kyi Kan Pyin (Kawar Bil), according to our
correspondent who denies to be named here.

Rohingyas are;

 Sr:  Name                            Father                 From(Village Tract)      Money Extorted

1    Md Idris                       Jalal Ahmed              Kyein
Chaung                   15000Ks
2   Abul Boshor                  Fokir Ahmed             Kyein Chaung                  15000Ks
3   Mv
Osman                    Du Du Meya              Kyein Chaung                  15000Ks
4   Md Rafique                   Abdur Gaffar             Kyein Chaung                  15000Ks
5   Fedan Ali                       Abdul Karim              Kyein Chaung                  15000Ks
6   Monu                              ??                                Kyein Chaung                  10000Ks
7   Md Idris                         ??                                Kyein Chaung                  15000Ks
8   Abdu
Shukur                 Sharif Hussein          Kyein Chaung                  15000Ks
  Nur Haasan                   Nur Alom                   Kyein
Chaung                  15000Ks
10 Mansoor Nur                Mohamed                   Kyein Chaung                  15000Ks
11 Affan                               Dil Mohamed             Kyein Chaung                  15000Ks
12 Salim                              Halu                             Kyein Chaung                  75000Ks
13 Md Alam                       Inna
Amin                   Dom Bai                            15000Ks
14 Mv
Syyedul Amin       Abdus Solam               Dom Bai                            15000Ks
Rostam Ali                    ??                                 Dom Bai                             15000Ks
16 Ali Ahmad                     Abdus Salam              Dom Bai                             25000Ks
17 Enus                               Nur
Hussein               Kyein Chaung                   15000Ks
18 Abdu Shokkur              Witeer                         Kyein Chaung                   15000Ks
19 Osman                           Mv. Abdul Hakim      Laung Done                      20000Ks

Source  MYARF