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    3000 Bangladeshi Rakhines settle in Maungdaw south

    Arakan State:
    Bangladeshi Rakhines were settled in Natala villages in Maungdaw
    south since end of the December, said a village administration

    Maungdaw officials brought the Rakhines people who recently enter to
    Burma from Bangladesh, to the Natala villages along the Maungdaw-
    Alaythankyaw road.”

    The Rakhine seen very poor who
    are not able to survive in Bangladesh hill track and taking advantage
    of the violence between Rakhine and Rohingya communities in June
    2012, said a school teacher from Maungdaw south.

    Bangladeshi Rakhines were settle in every Natala villages as it is
    the family member of this village where they will get full support
    from UNHCR, WFP and Other INGOs aids as they were 
    registered in
    the Immigration office as citizen and living since long.”

    Maungdaw, the Rohingya IDPs are not getting any support from INGOs or
    UNHCR or WFP, but Rakhine who entered Burma recently and getting all
    facility from all corners.”

    Source KPN: