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    106 Boat-people from Maungdaw left for Malaysia

    Qutub Shah
    RB News
    January 25, 2013

    (Edited by Mayu Thitsar)

    Maungdaw: On January 22, 2013, from Inn Dinn village tract, Maungdaw Township, a boat of 106 Rohingya voyagers led by Rakhine traffickers, set sail for Malaysia by bribing the respective authorities 4 million Kyats: 2 million for Nasaka (Border Security & Immigration Forces), 0.5 million for each of military, Sarapha (Special Bureau of Intelligent), village administration and police.

    According to a Rohingya from Maungdaw, the director of Border Immigration Head Quarter (Nasaka), Maungdaw has assigned 2 persons from each village of Region 6 as “stooge and puppet” so that they can extort money and persecute Rohingyas more easily.

    Kyauktaw: On January 23, 2013, Rohingya fishermen from Paik Seik village tract, Kyauktaw Township, went for fishing to sea. They saw a Rakhine boat tangled in the fishing net while they were fishing. So they, as a token of humanity, untied the tangled boat. But, to the contrary, yesterday, the boat owner Rakhines, who did not learn the alphabet of humanity, instead of offering thanks, sued for the very Rohingyas to the police asserting that there was much rice in their boat but Rohingya stole it secretly. So, the concerned police started ransacking all Rohingya houses minutely under the pretext of investigation for stolen rice and arrested three people groundlessly. They are:

    (1) Salamat Khan
    (2) Mohammed Ismaeel
    (3) Abdu Shukkur