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    Rakhines By A Motorbike Hit An Old Woman, Maungdaw

    Today on
    8th Dec 2012 two Rakhines with a motorbike hit an old
    Rohingya woman while she was crossing the road which broke one of her
    legs.  Today on 8th Dec 2012, in the
    afternoon at about 2:00PM, an old Rohingya widow, Mohameda Khatun d/o
    Azizur Rahman (60Yr) hailed from Kayin Tan (myoma) village tract was
    hit by a motorbike with two Rakhines on main road (Maungdaw to
    Buthidaung) in Siteillya hamlet of Kayin Tan (myoma) in front of the
    ACF office by the time she was crossing the road on the way back home
    from her relative’s house. One of her legs was broken down due to
    the accident.

    after the accident, the Rakhines without helping her ran away. The
    villagers (eye witnesses) informed the case to the concerned motor
    police, but no responses have appeared yet.

    As the
    widow is very poor and she can’t afford to take treatment, she was
    admitted to the hospital by her relatives.

    So many
    cases like this have been ignored by the motor polices simply it is
    because the committers were Rakhines and the victims Rohingyas.

    Source MYARF: