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    Myanmar man drowns after jumping off boat 500m from shore

    The Myanmar nationals being gathered by police at Teluk Burau in
    Langkawi after jumping off boat they were on to enter Malaysia.
    The Star:

    In a mass attempt at entering Malaysia illegally, 500 Myanmar
    nationals, some as young as seven, were forced to jump off a boat and
    swim 500m to the beach at Teluk Burau here – with painful

    Myanmar drowned while two others are in critical condition. Police
    found 449 people stranded on the beach yesterday, worn out from the
    long swim.

    About 50
    others were believed to have reached shore and gone into hiding.

    OCPD Supt Harrith Kam Abdullah said the drowned man’s body was
    found some 200m from the beach while the two others were found not
    far from him.

    He said
    the injured were sent to the Langkawi Hospital for treatment.

    incident occurred at 1.30pm, when the immigrants aged between seven
    and 50 were forced to swim to shore by the captain,” he said

    Harrith Kam said investigations showed that the group travelled by
    boat for 15 days from their country before reaching Langkawi waters.

    He said
    each of them was believed to have paid RM1,000 for the boat trip

    are now looking for the immigrants who are believed to be hiding in
    the forest near the beach.

    Harrith Kam said those detained were taken to the Langkawi police

    in Kuala Nerang, police found bodies of three Myanmar workers in a
    rubber estate in Kampung Chebar, Tanjung Piring near here.

    bodies were found with slash wounds on their necks and heads.

    CID chief Asst Comm Zakaria Ahmad said the men, from Arakan in
    Myanmar, worked as rubber tappers.

    He said
    their bodies were found after their friend lodged a report in Tanjung
    Piring at 1pm yesterday.

    identification was found on the men, believed to be aged between 18
    and 30.

    revealed that four men were attacked by a group of men armed with
    parang at 11pm on Dec 28,” he said.