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Money extortion and arbitrary arresting to Rohingya Refugee is increase day by day in Bangladesh

Date: 03/12/12 

Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar: The Police and Boarder Guard Bangladesh (BGB) are finding out and arresting the Rohingya Refugee from every where in Bangladesh and push back as well as assumed extortion money from Rohingya Refugee as well. 
According to our source the Police and Boarder Guard Bangladesh (BGB) together arrested many Rohingya Refugee from the vehicles near Ukhiya Police Station and extorted money from them who are registered Rohingya Refugee and who are not registered are sent to Ukhiya Police Station for Push back yesterday. 

Not only outside but also inside the camp is similiar situation as the Police IC Sarwor and Habildar Motin enter to Kutupalong Refugee camp every now and then and start arbitraryly arresting Rohingya Refugee near and wide and assumed extortion. Many Rohingya Refugee went into hiding when the police petrol entered to the camp because of fear of asserting and torture. 

The situation of Bangladesh is very bad for Rohingya Refugee as the Bangladesh Govt openly declared for not to well behave with Rohingya Refugee that’s why the Rohingya people are not able to go out for work and have to stay in starvation. 

And when such types of situation is faced by Rohingya Refugee then there is no one to come forwards to rescue and solve the problem even those who are given responsibilies to care us said a Rohingya Refugee who denied to be named for his security. 

Sometimes the Hamidul Chodury president of the Rohingya Resistance Committee (RRC) comes to Kutupalong Bazar with local people and demonstarte anti Rohingya and urge the Goverment to repatraite the Rohingya Refugee from Bangladesh. 

The Bangladesh government and its local people think that Rohinhya means boil to them which have to ripe and get pus immaturely or before not fully developed said another teacher who prefered not to be named for the security. 

Allah knows well how long Rohingya Refugee have to face for alive like other human being in the world they added.