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    Cash Waqf ACT Solutions for Social Rehabilitation Rohingya Refugees

    Source Detik News:
    Friday, 21/12/2012 

    Jakarta – Director of Global Humanity Response (GHR) Doddy ACT CHP, is still located in the state of Myanmar, precisely in Sittway capital of Rakhine State. The main agenda, doing social recovery. Communal conflict in the region, terjejak horizontal problem that needs serious attention and continuous. True, the situation is more conducive, but thousands of victims are still occupying tents are far from decent.

    Information obtained directly from Aung Than Tin, Minister of Forestry and Mines Rakhine State who is also Chairman of rehabilitation for refugees, said the shelter is to be built as soon as at least 500 blocks. ACT recently completed 10 blocks of 100 units of shelter or shelter, and has occupied 516 people displaced. ACT is entering the second phase of construction to complete a minimum of up to 100 blocks of shelters (one thousand units of shelter).

    “In addition to the ACT recovery program also distributes food aid in the form of packets of rice for 2000 heads of families, as well as 604 blankets to 604 head of families in the camps.” Doddy said.

    In the field, Doddy witness, the condition of children in Sittway very alarming. Mostly shirtless and not attending school. The food that they really do not meet the standards konsumsipun nutrition. If only limited food, let alone the means to play. As a result, they are distributed in the gutter instincts play dirty, the rain, muddy as berbecek-repellent nestapanya.

    “I was present in the study Rohingya children in emergency mosque they built. Their remarkable spirit. Despite all difficult conditions, the spirit of religious learning remain lit in their hearts. No matter, it was done on an emergency bare compacted sand. There I saw hundreds of kids huddled learn lessons. Future they should get our attention, especially Muslims from all parts of the world, “Reveal Doddy

    Doddy CHP explained, though crowded, they can be thankful, no mosque emergency. Previously, the activities that take place in cramped tents and shacks, once they live.

    The refugees repeatedly thanked the people of Indonesia and the ACT who have given more attention to them. Currently they can only pray that the donors receive a greater reward and a blessing from GOD Almighty.

    Endowments for Humanity program initiated by ACT, the solution chain problems faced by refugees in Rakhine State in Myanmar. Field membentangluas charitable opportunities for anyone who wants to share the spread of benefit. Open wide for the donors who wish berwakaf. Your cash waqf lands, the Host will make them smile and sincere prayers. “Being real cash waqf form of social infrastructure in the refugee camp is Setha Ma Gyi, inshaAllah will spark up the spirit of Rohingya refugees living a better future,” please Doddy. So, do not delay to join the largest philanthropic community in Indonesia. Distributes Endowment for Humanity for Rohingya refugees through the following accounts:

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