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    The Fresh Violence in Maungdaw

    “57 times severe punishments were the trademark of 57 member countries of Organization of Islamic Cooperation which is a sister organization NGO of United Nations” 

    November 24 – On November 20, Twelve innocent Rohingya people from Zaw-Ma-Tet village (Lam-Ba-Guna Fara) were arrested by NaSaKa forces from Maungdaw Township. In that village, some seven to ten Muslim Rohingya houses were burnt down by Rakhine mobs on November 19 after the President Obama delivered the speech at Yangon University Convocation Hall. “As a golden present to President Obama for his speech in which he mentioned and noted in regard of Rohingya” Rakhine mobs said while torching the houses. The arrestees were falsely accused by the authority that the Rohingya houses were burnt down by themselves and that was the reason why they were arrested.

    Before handing over the arrestees Rohingyas to the police of Maungdaw, NaSaKa had started deliberately torturing the arrested ones — each 57 times severely beating up on their back. “57 times severe punishments were the trademark of 57 member countries of Organization of Islamic Cooperation which is a sister organization NGO of United Nations” NaSaKa forces said.

    As a matter of fact, all these grass-root Rohingyas have no exact information or knowledge of Islamic countries’ activities in the sphere of international political activities, but all the relevant authorities have been in “rickety and wobbly” while simply dealing with ordinary Rohingya people. That remarkably all along the times the discriminatory policies adopted on Rohingyas pushes the local people to guess any outside be of assistance—whoever may be, whatever source should be, whichever channel that be—to save them from all sorts of discriminatory policies practicing on innocent Rohingya all along the time. After that, they were transferred to the police station and they again severely punished on innocent Rohingya people and they are still in police custody.

    On November 22, some paddy fields workers, whom Amanullah hired to harvest in his paddy fields, each holding sickle to start up to reap the paddy in the field, were being stopped by NaSaKa paramilitary forces and Mr. Amanullah (paddy field owner) was summoned by NaSaKa nearby a house which belongs to a car driver namely Mr. Zafar. Mr. Amanullah, from “Italia” Village of Maungdaw Township, an owner of paddy fields nearly by Block (3) Maungdaw Township, was severely beaten and put in now in police custody. In this regards, though Mr. Amanullah made complaints at the NaSaKa headquarters, head of the military battalion, township police station and township administrative office, yet there is no hint to take action against the complaint by either of the authority.

    Military head of “Alay-than-Kyaw” village, County of Maungdaw Township, has systematically formed some Rohingyas and Rakhine human trafficking brokers to recruit those who want to go Malaysia. It is learned that per head 300,000 Kyats is defined for a payment to send to Malaysia — such a illicit way has been very perilous for job hunters facing many times on a half water way (on international water)— either the people were intentionally being boarded on the bank of Thai authorities or along the coast of Irrawaddy delta and Tannassarim coast —where the innocent Rohingya job hunters usually faced long term jail imprisonment by Myanmar authorities on alleged accusation such as Bengali immigrants crossing the Myanmar border unlawfully though its (Myanmar government) acknowledgement that Rohingya being the Myanmar citizens. Such the accidents had been many times and there are many innocent Rohingya people in every jail of the country along the nation. We have found that the alternative authorities of Myanmar from respective regions along Rakhine state have been dishonestly earning money showing the ‘enticement’ job opportunity in Malaysia and Singapore in one hand and crookedly putting the innocent job hunters (Rohingya) from a half water way by turning the sailing boats to the authorities and putting the jails subsequently from the other hand.

    Again date on November 22, from the military battalion (14), some six NaSaKa paramilitary forces leading by captain Kyaw Myint entered the “Shwe Zet” village and started the routine investigation against the naive villagers so and so and — that afraid of being arrested and tortured by the authority, the Rohingya male villagers have fled away to where a bit safe hideout – then a women villager namely “Ms. Zura Khatu” was arrested and now she is in police custody under an alleged accusation of possessing “Bangla mobile phone”.

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    “Reported by Mahan Min Khant”