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Rohingyas Demonstrated in Putrajaya Today | M.S. Anwar

Putrajaya, Malaysia- Around 46 Rohingya Activists from four Malaysia-based Rohingya Organizations jointly demonstrated in front of the building of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Putrajaya, Malaysia today. (The similar demonstrations were held in UK, Japan and in Thailand, too.) 

The Rohingya activists in Malaysia demonstrated showing their Solidarity with other Rohingya organizations all over the world on the Day of Global Action against the state-sponsored genocides of Rohingyas and Kamans being carried in Arakan since June 2012.
They demanded Myanamar government to immediately stop the genocidal killings and
United Nations to send its peace-keeping force to save Rohingyas and Kamans from being exterminated. They requested Malaysia Foreign Ministry to help Rohingyas within ASEAN Human Rights Charter. 

The demonstration was led by Mr. Zarfar Ahmed from Myanmar Ethnic Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MEHROM), Mr. Abdul Ghani from Rohingya Society Malaysia (RSM), Mr. Mohammed Shariff from Rohingya Arakanese Refugee Committee (RARC) and Mr. Mohammed Rafique from Ethnic Rohingya Committee of Arakan (ERCA). And they were co-operated by Mohammed Sadek, a Rohingya activist from RARC. They later submitted a memorandum to Mr. Khairy Omar, Special Officer on Burma Issue, ASEAN Section in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He promised the activists that he would raise the issue in OIC, UN Human Rights Council and ASEAN meetings. The demonstration started at 10:15 AM and successfully ended at 11:40 AM. The submitted Memorandum can be read here.