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Rohingya leaders protest Suu Kyi’s comments on Rohingya

is very unfortunate that Daw Aung San Kyi has made the situation more
appalling by remaining long silent on the deadly violence against
Rohingyas. If she spoke out in the beginning she could have saved
many lives and destructions in Arakan. She knows the extent of
damages and systematic destruction of Rohingya people and their
villages, with the involvement of the government police, soldiers,
Nasaka and other security forces, and the Rohingya people are
completely unprotected, said Nurul Islam, the President of Arakan
Rohingya National Organization (ARNO).

“Her silence or so-called
neutrality cannot be justified because such standpoint encourages
Rakhine extremists and the elements in the governments to carry on
their campaigns of systematic racism, racial extermination and
campaigns of genocide against the Rohingyas and Kamans.”

President Obama’s warning, on the day of his visit to Burma on
November 19, Rakhine terrorists backed by NaSaKa torched the Rohingya
houses in the village of Alora Dil under the Horsara (Zamatet)
village tract in southern Maungdaw.”
Aung Naing Oo, director, the Burma’s border security force
(Nasaka), U Aung Myint soe, the district administration officer and
Kaung Hla san, the district police officer went to the village today
morning and survey the areas. The Nasaka personnel from the outpost
is trying to arrest local Rohingya villagers over the allegation that
“they themselves torched their houses and accused the security
force and local Rakhine people, according to an elder from Maungdaw
Nasaka area commander called a meeting where he ordered to all
Rohingya villagers to join at meeting, but the Rohingya were afraid
to join the meeting for fear of arrest.”
Rakhines were in the dying-situation of Rohingyas, she would
definitely speak out. That is why human rights activists alleged “it
is complete hypocrisy that Aung San Suu Kyi doesn’t stand by the
victims of the ethnic cleansing in Burma.”
is equally regrettable that she lied, either by choice or by
ignorance, when she stated that there is still illegal immigration of
people from Bangladesh into Arakan. On the contrary, expulsion of
Muslim Rohingyas from Arakan into Bangladesh and other countries is a
regular phenomenon. Even Daw Suu could have seen the Rohingya
refugees in the vicinity of Delhi during her visit. Of course
thousands of Rakhines and Mramas from Bangladesh have had entered and
settled down in Arakan under state programme, the Nurul  Islam
community is well aware that Arakan has turned into a hell, an open
jail and a concentration camp for the Muslim population for decades
where they are daily subjected to crimes against humanity. It is
unthinkable how people from democratic Bangladesh chose to live in
sub-human condition in anarchic Arakan. We would suggest Daw Su to
make an international enquiry on the Rohingya Diasporas with a view
to respecting and ensuring their ‘rights of return’ to their
homeland of Arakan.
the successive military regimes since 1962 have been performing
anti-Muslim campaign against the Rohingya community, so that the most
of Buddhist people were motivated against Muslims and they were
convinced; the  Rohingyas are the British period settlers
ignoring their settlement and contribution since AD 788, said Habibur
Rahman , an ARNO Vice-chairman .
a lot of illegal crossing of the border still going on that they have
got to put a stop this, said Daw Suu in interview with NDTV in New
Delhi, recently. This is a false and fabricated statement. It is only
her masters’ voice i.e. to please Rakhine community. Who will go to
hell from haven? There (in Burma) is no security of life and
property, lack of chastity of women folks, restrictions of movement,
marriage, livelihood, health care, and education, standard of living
and freedom,  in comparing of Bangladesh. Besides, there are
many kinds of law enforcement agencies, how can strangers enter Burma
from Bangladesh and how will it survive.  In every village,
government created some of collaborators, who have to send every
report what is the occurring in the village.”
rule of law can’t be established in Arakan especially in Muslim
areas, until the existence of Rakhine people in the police and
judiciary, in state of these people, other nationalities will be
substituted. Her statement is as a politician, looking for 2015
elections, ignoring unity, security and prosperity of next
generation. Statesman sees the prosperity of next generation.
appreciate Bangladesh’s dismissal of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s
comments of Rohingyas being illegal Bangladeshi immigrants and
request the government of Bangladesh to take an active role in
finding a permanent solution to the Rohingya crisis through
partnering with the OIC and the regional actors. Otherwise the
Rohingya crisis not only will have a negative consequence on
Bangladesh, but it could have a ripple effect to the region,”
according to Ronnie, a Human Rights activist and a member of ARNO.
Source KPN