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    Rakhines again set on fire Rohingya village in Maungdaw south

    Arakan state
    :  A group of Rakhines from Kanbay Natala –news
    shelter villager- together with Burmese border security force
    (Nasaka) are setting on fire to Horsara under Zaw Matet village tract
    – a   Rohingya village, today, according to a village elder.

    Horsara village is situated near the Maungdaw- Aley Than Kyaw highway
    and beside a new shelter village (natala) and Nasaka outpost under
    Nasaka area number 7. The Nasaka

    always harass the Rohingya villagers
    and the travelers on this road. With them, the new shelter also
    giving trouble to Rohingya community who pass this point.”

    village has more than 58 houses and the Nasaka personnel have already
    driven out from the village with open fire, then the Rakhines set on
    fire the village at 20:00 hour after listening the news at 20:00 hour
    from Burma broadcasting service.

    the news, there was US President Barak Obama speech which mention
    about Rohingya that become angry the Rakhine where they set on fire
    the village and the security force didn’t do any things while set
    on fire but, fire on Rohingya when they tried to save their village,
    said a victim from the village.

    too long, the people of this state, including ethnic Rakhine, have
    faced crushing poverty and persecution. But there’s no excuse for
    violence against innocent people,” Obama told a packed audience for
    a speech at Yangon University.

    Rohingya … hold within themselves the same dignity as you do, and I
    do. National reconciliation will take time, but for the sake of our
    common humanity, and for the sake of this country’s future, it’s
    necessary to stop incitement and to stop violence.”

    Sein, in a letter to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon last week,
    promised to tackle the root causes of the problem, and Obama said he
    welcomed “the government’s commitment to address the issues of
    injustice, and accountability, and humanitarian access and

    massage of radio made angry the Rakhine and its supporter, set on
    fire the Rohingya village to show the reaction of Obama statement,
    said a student from Maungdaw south.

    Burmese president—who previously told the UN it should take
    responsibility for finding homes in third countries for the
    Rohingyas. But on November 16, condemned the “senseless violence”
    between the Muslim Rohingya community and Rakhine Buddhists, and
    blamed the unrest on extremists. Therefore, the performance of
    President on Rohingya community is not stable and increased security
    measure across the Arakan State after giving international pressure.
    But, it does not ensure the security of Rohingya community.”

    Rohingya villagers now become homes less and haven’t able to stay
    and the Maungdaw authority didn’t recognized IPDs to this Rohingya.
    Where will they go, they will not allow to enter their village by
    Nasaka. The UN staffs also didn’t able to give any help to this
    people as there are so many Rohingyas IDPs in Maungdaw but no get any
    support from any NGOs or any Organization, said a NGOs staff from