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One kills, 16 rescue, a boat sinks in Bay of Bengal

A Bangladeshi Border Police officer speaks with Rohingya Muslims who fled Myanmar to Bangladesh to escape religious violence after they were  intercepted crossing the Naf River by the border authorities in Taknaf, Bangladesh. AP Photo/Anurup Titu

A boat loading with nearly 17 boat-people was sung in
the Bay of Bengal today at around 4:00 am while ferrying these people
to a big cargo boat, which was anchoring in the Bay of Bengal,
according to a fisherman from Shapuri Dip. “After loading 17
people, the ferry boat was starting and going to the anchoring cargo
boat to send the people, but half an hour, the boat was suddenly
sinking in the Bay of Bengal. One man was killed and the rest 16
people were rescued by other fishing boats.”

However, the big
anchoring cargo boat in the Bay of Bengal with 151 boat-people
including rescued 16 boat-people will leave for Malaysia again
tonight. The big Cargo boat collecting 135- boat-people from Mosh
Khali, Cox’s Bazar and other places, said another fisherman from
Shapuri Dip.

The Mazi (Leader)
or broker collected Taka 20,000 per head. The Mazi is from Shita
Forika village of Maungdaw, namely Nabi Hussain. The leader bought
an old cargo boat with Taka 300,000 and bought a new engine with
350,000, the fisherman more added.

“Most of the
boat-people are Bangladeshi and some are Rohingya. In Teknaf, no
young Bangladeshi as all of them trying to sail to Malaysia.”

Besides, on
November 19, at night, another boat with 100 passengers had already
left for Malaysia from Arza Khali village of Shapuri Dip. It is
still on the way to Malaysia, said a local elder from Teknaf.

A boat with 132
boat-people of Rohingyas including 15 women sank off the Shafuri Dip,
On November 7 while going to Malaysia.