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    Is anyone listening?

    Kutupalong Ukhiya: today at around
    4:30pm two registered Rohingya Refugee namely Jafor Alam (Dipu) 33,
    MRC NO-07037, Shed NO-14, Block-C and Imam Hossain MRC NO…..
    Shed NO-1, Block-B are arrested by Rapid Action battalion (RAB) for
    conspiracy and falsely accused them of hiding the idols inside their
    own pharmacy and involvement to the incident of Ramu in Cox’s Bazar
    district of Bangladesh which recently happened.

    Although it is totally impossible for this victimized
    Rohingya Refugee, and you know the Bangladesh government is just
    taking advantage of already victimized Rohingyas who have no legal
    status either in Burma or in Bangladesh, hence can’t move around

    Besides, it is known to the world that Bangladesh has
    been pushing back the Rohingya victims on a daily basis to the sea.
    To their country of origin where the violence against Rohingyas has
    been renewed again in cooperation with the country’s military.

    As you know, we the Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh are
    regularly and systematically intimidated, tortured, subjected to
    fabricated cases.

    Daily papers reports false information Distort the
    Truth of what really happens and this is Extortion, Rape, Murder, by
    local people.

    From neighbouring Bangladesh some politically motivated
    group, some racially intolerant groups with impunity. And you know
    the camp level authorities never interfere when this kind of inhuman
    events happen, sometimes encouraged by those who are suppose to be
    responsible for the well- being and safety of these stateless,
    helpless, friendless as well as deprived, weak and needy people.

    Actually we are in dilemma as Burma and Bangladesh have
    been playing an offensive football game with the Rohingyas for

    We want to be free like other human beings. We want
    help from all countries against the inhuman violence. For which we
    have suffered from for so long. We only want peace.

    Is it so hard for Foreign Governments to recognise this
    and take relevant action to stop and where necessary implement
    sanctions against the Government that’s responsible for
    Slaughtering Rohingya people,  
    Enough is enough.