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Humanitarian aids need Mrauk- U

U, Arakan State:
 The humanitarian aids are needed to supply
urgent in the village of Zula Para ( a Rohingya village) of Maruk- U
as the condition of village is very serious of foods crises ,
according to a villager of Maruk- U.

our village, we had 430 houses before burning by Rakhine mobs on
October 23 and now we have only 7 houses remaining.”

100 villagers are killed from our village and we are able to bury 68
dead bodies and the rest dead bodies are missing.”

present, we are living at our old village and making temporary tents
with bamboo and straw, hay, grass and leaves. The military is giving
us full security. But, we do not get any help from outside, even
water. So, we are facing food crisis and medicine.”

local Rakhine villagers do not sell us anything and the security
force also does not help us to get ration. We are not allowed to go
out of the village. We are living like in a jail, said a villager
from the locality.

are getting food only from our paddy fields.  We take paddy from
our fields, and pounded to get rice.  We cook it and eat it
without salt, chili, vegetables, and oil,” said a local youth.

we want the rations for our survival from international community. We
do not hope to get ration from our government because, it wants us to
be starved and dead.”

Thein Sein government and Arakan State government officials only are
supplying aids to Rakhines community not to us. So we need aids from
any groups who want to help us to save the reaming villagers, said an
elder from village.

Source KPN