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    HRW says satellite images show violence against Myanmar Rohingyas

    A group of Rohingya Muslims are seen at a camp in Myanmar’s western state of Rakhine. (File photo)

    Rights Watch says new satellite images reveal that Buddhist
    extremists in Myanmar carried out attacks against the Rohingya
    Muslims with the support of state security forces and local
    government officials in October.

    rights agency said on Saturday that the local security forces killed
    Muslim villagers and assaulted people trying to flee the violence in
    the western state of Rakhine in late October. 

    forces killed minority Muslims in the town of Kyauk Pyu while
    government troops “stood by and watched,” the agency stated,
    adding that local border guards “severely beat” dozens of
    displaced Rohingyas arriving by boat near Rakhine’s capital

    satellite imagery also shows extensive destruction of homes and other
    property in three mainly Rohingya areas. 

    Rights Watch also reported accounts of “gruesome casualties” due
    to the ethnic violence in the area, including beheadings and killings
    of women and children. 

    satellite images and eyewitness accounts reveal that local mobs, at
    times with official support, sought to finish the job of removing
    Rohingya from these areas,” said Brad Adams, the Asia director of
    the rights agency.

    called for US President Barack Obama, who will make his landmark
    visit to Myanmar on Monday, to press Myanmar’s President Thein Sein
    to address the issue of Rohingyas. 

    absence of accountability for this horrific violence gives a green
    light to extremists to continue their attacks and abuses.” 

    of Rohingyas are believed to have been killed and thousands displaced
    in recent attacks by the extremists, who frequently attack Rohingyas
    and set fire to their homes in several villages in the troubled

    army forces have allegedly provided the extremists with petrol to set
    ablaze the houses of the Muslim villagers and force them out of their

    government has been accused of failing to protect the Muslim

    800,000 Rohingyas are deprived of citizenship rights and suffer most
    from the policy of discrimination that has denied them the right of
    naturalization, and made them vulnerable to acts of violence and
    persecution, expulsion and displacement. 

    Myanmar government has so far refused to lift stateless Rohingyas in
    Rakhine from the citizenship limbo despite international pressure to
    give them a legal status. 

    Rohingya Muslims have faced torture, neglect and repression in
    Myanmar since it achieved independence in 1948. 

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