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High level officers visit Maungdaw

Arakan State:
High level officers – Army, police and home minister office- had
visited Maungdaw today, according to an official from Maungdaw.

“The top level
army officers along with Lt Gen Thein Htay, the Minister of Border
Affairs had been visiting Maungdaw – border trade point, exit and
entry gate, market and government offices. They were guided by Col.
Maung Maung Oo, the Director of Burma border security force around
the Maungdaw.”

The district administration officer and Township administration
officer organized to open the shops in the market forcefully and
ordered to say, in Maungdaw the two communities are living
peacefully, according to a shopkeeper who didn’t want to give his

“In the shop, most
of their collaborators were sitting while the army official visited
the market and said as per the Maungdaw administration officers.”

Besides, the police chief meet with Maungdaw Buddhist monks in the
Myoma monastery where he discuss with Rakhines community from 1:00pm
to 3:00pm, said an elder from Maungdaw.

“We don’t know,
what they discuss at the meeting, may be against Rohingya community
as per recent happening Arakan State.”

Similarly, an officer from the home minister officers  called
all the village administration officers from Maungdaw to meet him in
Buthidaung where he held a meeting with them at Myoma Hall, according
to an politician  from Rohingya community.

“The high level
officers of authority all department visited northern Arakan, to make
plan to drive out the Rohingya or to set up refugee camp for Rohingya
in Taungbro. The authority is showing international community that
the government is working hard to settle recent ethnic cleansing
program. But, they are using program – collecting data with
authority desire plan- to drive out the Rohingya from Arakan soil.”

“The authority are
collecting data of Rohingyas who lost their villages for burned down
where they authority asked the family list and ID card  which
were burned when Rakhines set on fire their villages. In the form ,
the authority are using “Bangali” in the race where most of
Rahingyas asked to fill with Rohingya. This is big problem which
stopped the collecting of data from Rohingya in central Arakan.”

The authority is asking for aids from international community, but
no aids went to Rohingyas of  northern Arakan – Maungdaw,
Buthidaung and rathedaung – and central Arakan – Kyaukpru,
Minbya, Mrauk-U, Mayebon, Rathedaung, Kyauktaw, Paukta and Rambree.
The government only distributed Rohingyas in Akyab. It is also not
fulfill for them and authority want  them to flee from Arakan to
Bangladesh. It is their planned to drive out the Rohingya from Arakan

Source KPN