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Global Day of Action News (London)

Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK and Restless Beings jointly organized Global day of action in London on last Thursday 12-02 pm London time. More than 150 activists joined to the protest. International Medias and regional Medias presented to the protest including BBC, NHK TV, Press TV and some journalists. 

 About ten speakers gave speech including ARNO President Nurul Islam, BROUK President Tun Khin, Mark Farmener from Burma Campaign UK, Baroness Cox from British House of Lords, British MP Rushanara Ali, MP Jonathan Ashworth , Ko Aung from Burmese Democratic Movement Association, Marbur Ahmed Co-Director of Restless Beings, Sohail from Burmese Muslim Association.
 ARNO President Nurul Islam Said “The terrible situation of the Rohingya in Arakan is a manmade tragedy, carried out by the extremist Buddhist Rakhine and masterminded by Thein Sein’s Government and Rakhine Nationalities Development Party with Dr. Aye Maung. The government could have stopped the onslaught in the beginning, but it has reinforced it.

ARNO President Nurul Islam said “Burma opposition leader and democracy icon Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is uncharacteristically silent on the mass destruction and racial extermination of Rohingya. She is reluctant to call a spade a spade lest it will hurt the sentiments of the majority Buddhists. It appears that if the Rakhine were in the situation of Rohingya she would definitely speak out. We believe, she could have stopped or reduced the violence in Arakan by simply admonishing the fellow countrymen to respect the human rights of the Rohingyas”.

Baroness Cox from house Lords said she joined to protest to show that how much she care about Rohingya people. She will make sure to pressure British government and international community. She said that now everybody have right interference duty to protect Rohingya people of Arakan. She will be questioning house lords next week to get UN Peace keeping force, Humanitarian aid and try to get Burmese government repeal 1982 citizenship law. 
Rushnara Ali MP said “We as parliamentarians  are with you. We on labour  side twill do as we can to pressure the British government to speak up people for Rohingyas and others the people who are facing HR violations. We keep up the pressure in Parliament and elsewhere to make sure that this issue is not forgotten that we all campaign together to make sure people lives are protected. Later today I will deliver a letter on behalf of shadow front bench team labour party that letter will send to all our colleagues in parliament from labour party to send to Foreign Secretary to take action. 

MP Jonathan Ashworth said he raised Rohingya issue last week foreign secretary and he joined to the protest to show solidarity as Member of Parliament. He also said we stand on justice raised it again today houses of Parliament. When we are seeing thousands of home destroyed, thousands people displaced .When we are seeing lives lost we cannot stand by doing nothing. 

BROUK President Tun Khin said “President Thein Sein told the UNHCR in July that Burma/Myanmar will not take responsibility for the Rohingya because they are not citizens of Burma and illegal immigrant.” When he proposed ethnic cleansing they stayed silent, and even when ethnic cleansing takes place they stay silent. He urged it is time to show action from British government and international community to Put pressure on the Burmese government to stop all violence and intimidation against Rohingyas, Support sending UN Peacekeeping Force and International Observers to Arakan, Unhindered delivery of humanitarian aids to the victims,Support for the establishment of a UN Commission of Inquiry in order to establish the true facts and bring those responsible to justice. 

Mark Farmener from BCUK said “The international community is now paying attention to the situation in Rakhine State, but is not yet taking practical action. The purpose of the international day of action was to push the international community to take practical action to help pressure the government of Burma to take steps to stop the violence, allow full humanitarian access, and repeal the 1982 Citizenship Law.” 

Mabrur Ahmed, Co-Director of Restless Beings, then ended the protest calling for theactivism of ALL, questioning the impotence of the democracy and free world that is hailed all across the world, yet remains silent on this issue. ‘’Where is the democracy when villages are being razed because they’re not the right religion, ethnicity or race, and yet President Obama will meet with President Thein Sein on the 16th November to discuss the supposed Burmese democracy.’’ He went on to question: ‘’Where are YOU when it comes to YOUR freedom and YOUR democracy? One day YOU will be too black, too white, too Muslim, too Christian, too Hindu, too Jewish, too fat, too skinny, one day YOU will not be deemed good enough to exist, who will speak for you on that day?’’